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I say we need to break the back of every union.

I was a union member while a Correctional Officer in Indiana.

We had contractual raises handed back to the state by the union.

Frank O’Bannon Evan Bayh‘s hand-picked stooge  successor was Governor.

When Evan Bayh left office with alleged budget surpluses.

Then just a year in to O’Bannon’s term Indiana was broke.

So the budget surpluses were blown by O’Bannon or they were smoke and mirrors.

Unions only care about lining their pockets with the members dues.

The also contribute to DemocRats and leftist causes.

The member’s and the companies can be Damned. 

I’ve written before about why I don’t like unions and how they have done more harm than good in many areas.  I’ve seen them cause hundreds of families to lose their homes during strikes while the union representatives continued to get paid.  During the election campaigns, union members in Massachusetts were fined for not showing up to support Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Now, in Cincinnati, Seattle and St. Louis, a strike by the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union has resulted in shut down of three Hostess facilities and 627 workers losing their jobs.  They were striking over cuts in wages and benefits that the company had put in place.  Hostess had stopped contributing to the employee’s pension fund last year.  In September, the union rejected Hostess’s contract offer and decided it would be better to go on strike.

The union said that Hostess is:

“Making a mockery of the labor relations system that has been in place for nearly 100 years.”

One worker in Cincinnati told a local news station:

“They’re cutting our wages 8 per cent, then they’re gonna go on top of that eight per cent, then take another two per cent, and take our insurance. Our pension has already been cut and that’s another thing we’re out here disputing.”

The company is currently working through bankruptcy proceedings for the second time in eight years and doing everything possible to remain in business.  Hostess Brands warned union workers that a strike could lead to the closing of some facilities and loss of jobs.  However, about 30% of their workers continued to strike against the company.  Hostess said that the strike prevented the production and delivery of products.  Consequently, on Monday, Hostess announced the closing of the three bakeries along with loss of the 627 jobs.

Once again we see just how successful a union is.  Rather than work with a company that employs over 18,000 workers and is struggling to remain in business, they felt it was better to go on strike even when they were warned it would result in closures and loss of jobs.  So far the net result is that nothing has been gained but 627 union workers have lost their jobs.  Way to go union.  And remember, it’s these unions that supported Obama and helped him win re-election.

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