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The victims of Sandy have learned a hard lesson.

They have learned Obama’s promises are as empty as his suit.

Like all socialist Obama has the ability to con people with his words.

Obama makes people think he cares when he does not care.

A little over a week before the Nov 6 election, Hurricane Sandy roared up the east coast and did its best to destroy several states.  The nation watched as over 6 million people were left without power or water.  A month later, some people are still without power.  Thousands of homes and businesses were totally or partially destroyed by the super storm.

The costs of damages from Hurricane Sandy exceed those of Hurricane KatrinaNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie places his state’s costs so far at $29.4 billion and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says his state’s costs have already reached $30 billion.  Both governors are asking the federal government for federal disaster aid.

On Oct. 31, only 6 days before the election, President Barack Obama toured some of the storm damaged areas in New Jersey.  He spoke to a number of residents who were hit hard by the storm.  He seemed genuinely compassionate when he hugged Donna Vanzant and promised her that she would be helped.  She operated the North Point Marina which was completely destroyed by Sandy.

Camera’s clicked away as Obama put his arms around a teary Vanzant and tried to comfort her.  A photo of the emotional embrace was posted on the White House website, showing what a caring and concerning person Obama was.

But it was all a lie and Vanzant’s encounter with the President was nothing but a pre-election photo op and nothing more.  Even a month after Obama instructed FEMA to help her, she has received absolutely no help.  Worse yet is that her insurance company told her that nothing is covered because the water that caused the damage came up and not down.  Donna is upset, distraught and feels lied to.

Fox and Friends interviewed Donna Vanzant and here is what she said:

“I was very excited and felt warm by the embrace thinking this is really going to happen. I’m going to get the help I need because he promised that. I’ve gotten no help. I’ve gotten nothing but ‘No, you’re not covered for this. No, you’re not covered for that.’”

Donna Vanzant experienced the same lie and false concern as did the parents of two of the victims of the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi.  When the bodies of the four Americans arrived back in the United States, Obama embraced Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith and she cried on his shoulder as he promised to inform her on how her son died.  Over a month later, much like Donna Vanzant, Pat Smith had heard nothing and couldn’t even get anyone from the White House, State Department or Pentagon to even talk to her.

Anyone who can repeatedly lie to the face of someone experiencing the grief of losing a son or their entire business is nothing but a callous and heartless charlatan.  Folks, this is the real Barack Obama who doesn’t give a damn about you, me or anyone in America except himself and his buddies.

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