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Hosni Murbarak dictator and Quasi American ally bad.

Mohamed Morsi Muslim brotherhood dictator American hater good.

At least this is Obama’s additude about Egypt.


In the latest iteration of Obama’s “What the Hell” foreign policy, the White House is turning a blind eye to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s assumption of near-total power.

According to White House spokesman Jay Carney:

“As I tried to explain yesterday, we need to step back and look at the transformation that has been occurring in Egypt since the revolution began there. We have raised our concerns about the decisions and declarations that were made on November 22nd … We believe firmly that this needs to be resolved internally as part of a transition to democracy and the building of institutions that create checks and balances in an Egypt that will have, as a government, an entity that is more responsive to the will of the people in Egypt and more democratic.”

So the Administration that has intervened in at least half a dozen countries, fomenting rebellions, arming those who would overthrow existing governments, that engaged in an undeclared war against Libya, that gave heavy weapons and funding to Muslim extremists who overthrew Gadhaffi then turned around and murdered our ambassador and other personnel, that helped bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt amid violence and bloodshed with the promise that we were creating “democracy” — that same Administration has decided Morsi’s declaration of absolute power is an “internal matter.”

Translation: Either Morsi is in exactly the position President Obama wants him in, or Morsi has won the support of Iran and Russia, and Obama’s afraid to oppose him.

Perhaps it’s six of one, half dozen of the other.

So far, the Egyptian people may have protested, but they have yet to shake Morsi’s faith in his own power.

So we took out a dictator, let the Muslim Brotherhood weasel its way into the new government, looked the other way as they rigged the vote, and now will look the other way again as Morsi assumes the new dictatorship.

If Obama thinks this will make Morsi his ally when it comes to the big final showdown with Russia over Obama’s warmongering in Syria, then he really doesn’t understand his own people.

The Muslim Brotherhood has never hidden the fact that it hopes one day for world domination and the restoration of the caliphate.

Obama apparently still thinks that he is going to be the caliph, when it’s Morsi calling the shots.

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