This is from Dustin Stockton.

The gun free zone at the University in Wyoming worked real well.

The gun free zone led to the stabbing death of three people,

If firearms were allowed on the campus maybe some deaths could have been prevented.


An attack on Friday at a college in Wyoming left three people dead, including the alleged attacker. The assailant used a bow and arrow and a knife and, despite the “gun-free campus” policy, was still, nonetheless, able to kill.

How many more people have to die before society can just accept that this world is filled with dangerous people and that guns, when placed in the proper hands of responsible citizens, can greatly aid in the decline of senseless mayhem?

The characters and a few details always change, but the story remains the same. A student goes crazy and kills people. People wonder why, though there is never an answer more explanative than, “Some people are just crazy.”

The community mourns, and if the assailant used a gun, liberals come from out of the woodwork to push for gun control and question how the assailant could ever get his hands on a gun- as if gun control laws fix mal-intent.

This story is the same premise with different actors. A man, apparently, killed a woman with a knife on a street nearby Casper College, then went to the college and killed an instructor (in front of students) and then himself with what police called an “edged weapon.” It has since been revealed that the assailant shot the instructor with an arrow and then stabbed him.

Now, allow me to paint a couple of different alternate stories that could have happened: A man went crazy and wielded a knife at a woman on the street at which point the woman pulled out a .38 special and shot the would-be attacker. End of story.

Or, sadly, a woman was killed by an assailant who traveled to the nearby Casper College, apparently with the intent to assault an instructor. As the suspect threatened to kill him, a student in the class stood up and shot the would-be attacker four times.

But, instead, Casper College strictly prohibits the carrying of concealed firearms, even if they have a Wyoming permit to do so. Thankfully, the attacker had the good decency to kill himself before killing anyone else. But is it really good school policy to leave everybody at an attacker’s mercy until he’s good and ready to die by his own hand?

I went to a college that forbade the carrying of concealed weapons. However, such a policy was unenforceable and, actually, illegal, since Oregon law contains a preemption statute that declares that the Oregon legislature is the only institution that can govern firearm law– not counties, not cities and certainly not authoritarian universities.

Therefore, there was not a single occasion that I attended a class or an event on campus where I was not armed. Man has a right and duty to protect himself, and that right supersedes any policy that runs contrary to it.

This story is a tragedy- but it didn’t have to be. Weapons are easy to procure. Attempting to stop violence by making it more difficult to obtain a firearm does nothing to discourage those intent on violence. Having a well-armed population, on the other hand, creates the possibility of stopping violent attackers in their tracks early on and saving lives.

America needs to wake up and realize the dangers of the world. No longer can we abide gun policies that do nothing to disarm criminals, but that are highly successful at disarming those that give a damn about law and order.

I encourage everyone to support Students for Concealed Carry– an organization dedicated to demanding the means to protect themselves. Please check them out.