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Like the author of this article I have several physical problems.

I have had seven back surgeries,right hip replacement and bilateral knee replacement,

I have also have had a cervical fusion.So my defense abilities are limited.

So I carry a Glock model 22 .40 cal  locked and loaded with almost 80 rounds.

I also carry a variety of knives and a steel expandable baton.

I do want is needed to protect myself and my family.


My name is Frank J. Dmuchowski. I carry a gun. I carry a loaded gun, with a bullet in the chamber at all times. In fact, I carry a 45 .cal semiautomatic pistol. I carry this gun all the time and to every place I am legally allowed to carry it. At night it rests inches away from me, at the ready. I have already used the gun for self defense without drawing it or firing it; more about that later.

I also own other firearms, some for hunting and others for the defense of myself, my family and my property. They stay locked up in a fortified gun safe made with one and one half inch steel walls and three inch door.

I have received extensive (more than 50 hours) training in the safe, legal, defensive use of the gun. I spend hours at the range shooting at paper targets, putting hundreds of bullets through my weapons each month to improve my marksmanship and defensive use skills.

I am now sixty six years old. I am an above the knee amputee. I walk with the aid of a prosthetic left leg. I am a polio survivor, having had all four extremities paralyzed, for a time, at three years old. Although I was able to regain the use of my limbs, when in my thirties, I learned that I suffer from Post Polio Syndrome. This entails damage to my trunk nerves due to overuse as I aged, resulting in muscle loss and weakness. Bottom line is: I am no longer, physically, capable of adequately defending myself, my family and my property. However, my gun acts as an equalizer in defending myself from, say, a bulked up, twenty something thug.

I have never been arrested for anything. Yeah, I have had a few speeding tickets, but I respect the Law and firmly believe in the Rule of Law. I am a Christian and do not believe in violence. In the 60’s I marched in Washington against the Viet Nam war, but always loved and still love the warriors.

I consider myself to be a Patriot. I fly the flag every day in front of my home. I am a Conservative, Constitutional Restorationist. I believe that the Founding Fathers got it right the first time. Our unalienable Rights come from God and not the government. The government is to operate only by the consent of the PEOPLE and not the corrupt political ruling class.

This country must be returned to operate once again under the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as established by the Founders and not the current system. America has been hijacked by Progressive/Liberals starting with Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt in the first half of the twentieth century, continuing with Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton through and on up to Obama. As a Patriot and if necessary, I am ready and willing to give my life to help restore America to its Founding principles.

The first thing that Michael Bender, the instructor of the first of five six hour classes I took to learn about the defensive use of a gun, said to the class was: “My goal today is the help you decide never to use your gun.” He followed this by saying: “Always bring a gun to a gun fight.”

What he was saying by these seemingly contradictory statements is always carry a gun but hope and pray you never have to use it. Michael also talked about becoming sheepdogs as opposed to being sheep. Sheepdogs are equipped at all times to take on the wolf if necessary. A wolf very rarely preys on sheepdogs, but does not hesitate to go after the defenseless sheep. This brings me to explaining how I used my gun to defend myself without drawing or firing it.

I was walking my dog Buster last winter. We live on the outskirts of a town in Wisconsin whose streets are not brightly lighted. While Buster was busy analyzing the smells of all the other dogs and people who recently had been by the corner we were stopped at, I noticed an older red van stopped at the stop sign kitty corner to where we were.

It was about 11 p.m. After a minute or so, the van crossed the street and slowly drove by us. All the windows had smoked glass. As it passed, warning alarms went off in my head as it felt that I was being carefully looked over. It passed us, and then turned left into the first driveway to the east, about fifty feet from where we stood. As the alarms were going off in my head, I opened my jacket, pulled it over my holster, exposing the gun, and then unfastened the safety strap.

turned toward the van so that they could clearly see my holstered gun as we were under the corner street light. I dropped the dog’s leash freeing up my other hand, which I used to take out my cell phone and dialed 9, 1 with my finger at the ready to press the last 1. I stood still with my head turned toward the van so I could watch what they were up to.

After a few moments the van quickly backed out of the driveway and drove to the east away from my position. I am certain that the occupants of the van were up to no good; wolves hunting sheep. Making it clear to the potential bad guys that I was no easy target, they apparently decided to hunt elsewhere. How many hunters would hunt deer if they knew the deer could shoot back? Not very many I am sure.

That night I believe the wolf, instead of finding a sheep, found a sheepdog, and so he moved on to find sheep elsewhere.
I am Frank J. Dmuchowski. I am a gun carrying Patriot.

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