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If my gun is not good enough to be in our business neither is my money.

I am going to get cards printed to express this point.

No Guns= No Business

The shooting in Portland reminded me that I had just visited a mall recently and taken a photo on my cell phone of a “no guns” sign at the entrance of the mall.

As a concealed carry permit holder, it angered me that logic does not play a role in the decision of businesses that post these signs. Do they really think that these crazy mass murderer types are going to look at those signs and turn around and leave with their guns?

No. The only people who pay attention to and abide by those signs are law abiding citizens who had to pass strict written tests, marksmanship tests, and extensive background checks, then follow up tests to get their permits renewed. These are the kinds of people who could actually stop a mass murderer from shooting more people by taking him down with a single shot.

Do these business owners and anti-gun fools really think that eliminating semi-automatic rifles and guns is going to stop criminals and thugs from obtaining them? Has making drugs illegal stopped people from obtaining and abusing drugs?

The fact is, if malls and businesses did not post those ridiculous “no guns” signs on their businesses, people with tested marksmanship skills WOULD BE IN A POSITION TO SAVE LIVES.

I was so excited recently to see the owners of Chicken Express welcomed concealed carry patrons by posting a sign on their business that said as much and offered free food if you show your CCW permit.

No. Those “no guns allowed” signs will not stop the dangerous people with guns from entering your business and murdering people. Those signs however, WILL LEAVE ALL OF YOUR LAW ABIDING PATRONS DEFENSELESS and make them walking targets for the bad guys.

The TRUTH is…. YOUR “no guns allowed” signs LEAD TO MORE DEATHS of innocent people.
Anti-gun business owners: Sleep on that one.

For the rest of you fine legal gun carrying Americans, I suggest you visit this website

Print off some of these cards. Hand them out to businesses where you see the “no guns” signs.

Send a clear message of your own. “NO GUNS = NO BUSINESS

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