Since the murder of the innocent children by a mentally deranged shoote,r Liberals are screaming “Gun control,” and “Ban Assault Weapons!”

I challenge you to tell me where  the BATFE regulation defines an assault weapon.

After not being able to provide the definition, your voice raises to a level that makes the neighborhood dog start to howl.
You say we should not be able to buy automatic weapons.

Well the National Firearms Act of 1934 keeps us from going to our local “Guns R Us” to buy our automatic weapon of choice.
To buy an automatic weapon we need to first purchase a Federal Firearms Stamp to own the weapon. Afterwards we are closely watched by the BATFE.
There never has never been a crime committed by a legally owned automatic weapon.
Of course, we need to be able to lock away the severally mentally disturbed, and also need to be able identify those who are mentally ill and not suffer because we call this to the attention of the proper authorities.
We need to eliminate these moronic gun-free zones. Do you think for one minute that the bad guy seeing the sign about being a gun free zone will be deterred?  Only God-fearing, law-biding gun owners will stay away.
In 1984, the Mercaz HaRav Massacre took place and eight students died. Two Israeli Defense Forces Officers engaged and killed the shooter. After the murders of the students Teachers and Volunteers were trained then armed. They now patrol the schools and shootings have been prevented.
We need to do the same here in America so someone armed and trained can engage the shooter.