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Mayor Bloomberg is advocating what gun owners have feared.

We have been afraid in Obama’s second term he would go for our guns.

We were afraid he would use presidential fiat to take our guns.

Be prepared and vigilant the worst is yet to come.




Nanny Bloomberg, who walks around with bodyguards, wants President Obama to ignore Congress and limit legal gun ownership by dictatorial fiat. It must be nice for someone who has the luxury of bodyguards to tell the rest of us we are not allowed to have the means to defend ourselves.


Bloomberg with his five armed bodyguards

Bloomberg with his five [correction 12] armed bodyguards

“It’s time for the president, I think, to stand up and lead and tell this country what we should do, not go to Congress and say what you guys want to do,” Bloomberg said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “This should be his No. 1 agenda.”


If NYC is Bloomberg’s barometer, guns will be very hard to get. That hasn’t stopped gun crime in NYC. The numbers are manipulated but NYC is still nearing 400 murders for the year. That’s more than one a day. Back in July, 16 people were murdered in NYC in five days. Sixty-nine percent of the murders are committed by guns.

Chicago, with about one-quarter the population of NYC is worse. By October, 400 people were murdered in Chicago. Chicago has very strict gun laws.

We do need to have a serious debate about gun violence in this country, a reasonable debate, not a fiat, not one formed by preconceived notions. We don’t need more “shoot-from-the hip” laws that don’t addres this complex problem. More importantly, we need to discuss violence in general.

When we had our recent gas shortage in New York, we saw violence every day at most local stations. In only a few days, people were becoming unglued. It was unnerving.

How can we have a serious conversation about gun laws in this country without dealing with the causes of the violence? We want to limit one of the tools of the violent but we don’t want to look at the societal problems nourished by acceptance of immoral behavior, abuse of drugs and alcohol, open borders, gangs, and violence that is glorified in movies, video games and music. Hollywood now sets our values and they come up lacking.

We have people calling for gun control at the same time they are calling for legalizing drugs, starting with marijuana. That is very inconsistent. People are demanding religious people cede their values to the State and expecting that won’t hurt society.

The rate of divorce in this country is 50%, not great for children.  Deadbeat parents cost taxpayers $53 billion. Fifty-three percent of the babies born to women under 30 are born to unmarried mothers. Single motherhood is hailed by media outlets like the NY Times because  we shouldn’t believe that one lifestyle is the right lifestyle. Perhaps that is true but haven’t we gone too far? The U.S. has the highest rate of murders from child abuse and neglect of all industrialized nations.

If you could eliminate every gun in this country, you would still have a violent society.

Bloomberg thinks we can ban our way out of this mess.

Left wing outlets on the Internet such as the Daily Kos are calling the NRA terrorist organizations. NY representative Jerrold Nadler said that he believes the nation will go along with strong gun control laws if Barack Obama “exploits” the shooting that took place in Newton, Connecticut. This is the extreme rhetoric that causes resistance from the pro-gun groups who are fearful this is headed to gun confiscation or towards making it too hard and too expensive to get guns and ammo.

Senator Dianne Feinstein will introduce a bill into Congress on the first day of the session. I fear what might be in it. She has commented that a one shot gun is all one needs. We will have to wait and see what she comes up with.

Bloomberg believes that Congress hasn’t enforced severe gun regulations because they are afraid of the NRA.

“If Congress were to act, if Congress wasn’t so afraid of the NRA — I think I can show you that they have no reason to be — but if they were to stand up and do what was right for the American public, we’d all be a lot better off,” he said, describing the power of the National Rifle Association as “vastly overrated,” Bloomberg said.

When Bloomberg isn’t banning guns, he’s banning, salt, sugary drinks, baby formula, drinking alcohol on holidays in bars, and junk food.

In the case of recent mass shootings, the gunmen had significant mental problems. We need a serious discussion about our mental health  programs, which are not meeting our needs. What are we doing about mental illness in this country? Not enough.

Mass killings are still rare in a country of 310 million people. Serial killings, many of which are not committed with a gun, are less publicized.  One-third of the murders in this country are solved and the rest go unsolved, an alarming statistic.

There is another aspect to all this. People have free will and there is evil in the world. Maybe some of the murderers have some good qualities but their acts of evil define them. Can we ban evil? If someone wants to commit mayhem, they can find a way to do it. If we don’t stop the violence, they’ll use bombs.

We need a comprehensive plan and the answer can’t just be to ban guns and violating the balance of power to do it is unacceptable.

Newsmax posted an interesting interview with John R. Lott, one of the leading gun experts. Lott wants teachers to be able to carry. The author and college professor pointed out that in the Aurora shooting, the killer chose a “gun-free zone.” He didn’t pick the larger theater or the one near his home possibly because they are not gun-free zones.

Gun-free zones are killing zones. The only ones not carrying guns are the law-abiding citizens.

Laws to ban the Bushmaster would not have stopped this. The mother was a legal gun owner whose son somehow gained illegal access to them. Arming the teachers would have stopped this carnage.

Lott states that multiple person shootings in Europe, which have strict gun laws, occur at about the same rate as they do here. Two-and-a-half years ago, 12 were murdered in the UK and last year, 77 died in Norway. Two years ago, there was a shooting in Austria at a Sikh Temple. France has had several mass shootings. Germany has had two of the four worst school shootings. All took place in gun-free zones.

Lott gives examples of armed teachers and parishioners saving their colleagues in the interview. Read it at Newsmax.