This is from The Blaze.

I hope Dick’s Sporting Goods and Cheaper Than Dirt close for ever.

It is real chicken sh@@ the way they have done their customers.


Russell Kellner of Flower Mound, Texas, ordered three Troy Defense Carbine Semi-Automatic Rifles from Dick’s Sporting Goods on Black Friday, CBS 11 News reports.

At $799 apiece, a savings of $300 dollars, it “was a heck of a deal,” he said.

However, Kellner and his wife received only two of the three guns. They received a letter from Dick’s on Christmas Eve stating that the company would not fulfill the remainder of their order.

Dick’s announced a week before Christmas that it was suspending sales of “modern sporting rifles” in all stores, “out of respect for the victims of the Connecticut massacre,” CBS News 11 notes.

“It ain’t a good deal when you don’t get it. So I’m not happy at all about it,” said Kellner.


And Kellner isn’t alone.

Troy Blackall says he paid for two of the Troy Carbines at Dick’s — but the store only sent him one.

“It’s unacceptable,” says Blackall.

Dick’s has announced they will be issuing full refunds. The sporting goods store even sent $100 gift cards to customers with unfulfilled orders.

But the chain’s attempts at damage control may not be enough.

“Do what you said. Do what you advertised. Make good on it,” said Kellner.

Blackall is also unimpressed.

“The guns have doubled and tripled in price now. So it’s not like we can get our money back and buy the guns someplace else,” he said.

And the chain’s decision to discontinue rifle sales has upset more than just customers.

“The manufacturer of the guns, Troy industries says on its Facebook page that it’s deeply dismayed and shocked that Dick’s stopped selling its rifle.” CBS News 11 reports. “Troy’s CEO says the company invested millions of dollars into its operations after selecting Dick’s as the sole distributor of this particular rifle.”