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i will say Pat is 100% correct a revolution if there is a confiscation attempt.

The revolution will make the Civil war look like a Sunday picnic.

One of the best exchanges over the weekend took place on The McLaughlin Groupwhere Pat Buchanan emphatically stated that gun confiscation would result in a revolution among Americans.  Of course, he could barely get a word in edgewise, with the ever-yelling John McLaughlin barking his ridiculous call for stricter gun laws, but he made his point nonetheless.

From Real Clear Politics:


PAT BUCHANAN: There are three million ArmaLite rifles — those Bushmaster types — out there right now, and people are buying them like hotcakes. Every gun show, the sales are up enormously. Forty-one percent, they were up in December — for last December — which was a record year. John, what is common though, Eleanor [Clift] is correct, the push is going to come on three things: grandfather in the assault weapons that are here now; to try to outlaw assault weapons, outlaw magazines that carry more than 11 or 12 bullets; and also background checks at gun shows.

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN: With no Second Amendment, Congress could pass a law, as limited as this: banning assault rifles or as sweeping as prohibiting all private firearm ownership and requiring the surrender of all privately held firearms.

BUCHANAN: There would be a revolution in this country!

MCLAUGHLIN: Baloney! That doesn’t mean you can’t own one, but you have to put it in first and then go try –

BUCHANAN: There are 270 million guns in this country right now, John, and they’re adding to them at a rate of 16 million a year. (The McLaughlin Group, weekend of January 5, 2013)

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