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How will the Moose Slimes react to possibly eating pork?

I say they start rioting,looting and burning the UK.

Wild horses are caught in the hills and taken down to the village of Sabucedo




Horsemeat found in burgers is just one of the strange things found in burger products throughout Ireland and the UK. Apparently, pig meat was found in alarming percentages, according to a recent study on food safety. So, where’s the beef…no seriously?

According to a Jan. 15 report from Yahoo News, a random study was conducted on meat supply in both regions and the results were a bit startling, to say the least.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) said tests conducted on salami, beef burger and beef meal products in retail stores showed traces of animal products other than beef.

Horsemeat DNA was found in 37 percent of burger samples, while — get this — pig DNA was found in a whopping 85 percent of products.

Investigators say the non-beef products were found in everyday products like cottage pie, beef curry pie and even lasagna.

Professor Alan Reilly, FSAI chief executive downplayed the alarming findings by saying the food supply remains safe and the horsemeat found does not negatively affect human health.

“Whilst, there is a plausible explanation for the presence of pig DNA in these products due to the fact that meat from different animals is processed in the same meat plants, there is no clear explanation at this time for the presence of horse DNA in products emanating from meat plants that do not use horse meat in their production process,” he said in a statement.

Still, the presence of anything other than beef in a hamburger is quite unsettling. While the group said the pig and horsemeat found in burgers were “safe,” what part of the animals were ground up inside?

Gee willikers.