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We need to keep a clear eye and observe our opponents.

We are are in for a long hard fight.

Maybe a Second Revolution.

With Sen. Feinstein latest gun bill, and Sen Schumer’s call for gun registration (below), a reader dug up the following news report. It is by the Canada‘s Sun News posted in January, 2013. It warns U.S. gun owners what will result with gun registration. He provides real world examples of what has happened in Canada where gun registration has led to gun confiscation and making gun ownership illegal.   He even points out an example of a lawful citizen using a weapon to defend his home from firebombs by criminals, has led to the gun owner being charged as a criminal for using his gun.

Sun News’ Brian Lilley gives an important warning to his American friends: Registration of firearms will lead to the confiscation of firearms. Watch the following report while it is still available:

U.S. Chuck Schumer wants so-called “universal” background checks so that the federal government can REGISTER YOUR GUNS.  Every gun owner across America needs to know the truth about Schumer’s plan for “universal” gun registration. See for yourselfOn January 30, 2013, Sen. Chuck Schumer promised that universal background checks wouldn’t create a gun registry. Yet just 13 days later, as Schumer was discussing gun control proposals, he stated, “the one which I’ve been pushing, which is universal registration.” It couldn’t be any clearer — when a politician says “universal background checks,” what they actually mean is “universal registration.