This is from The Blaze.

Karl Rove need to shut up and go away.

Karl Roves is not or ever has been Conservative.

Karl Rove and GOP Chairman Reince Priebus are the problem.

Their win and lose record is horrible.

We need to weed The Establishment Republicans out of the party.

Karl Rove isn’t taking too kindly to Sarah Palin’s criticism.

After the former Alaska governor took a not-so-veiled shot at establishment “experts who keep losing elections yet keep getting rehired” in her speech to conservative activists Saturday, Republican strategist Rove said Palin should agree with him in his quest to find more “electable” GOP candidates.

“First of all I live in Texas, I don’t live in Washington,” Rove said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Second of all, look — Sarah Palin should be agreeing with this. She didn’t support [Missouri Senate candidate] Todd Akin and when he said the reprehensible things he said, she wisely came out and said he should get out of the race.”

Rove, whose American Crossroads super PAC spent millions during the 2012 campaign yet achieved just one election night success, also dismissed Palin’s advice to either “buck up” or run himself — by bringing up her resigning the Alaska governorship.

“I appreciate her encouragement that I ought to go home to Texas and run for office. I would be enthused if I ran for office to have her support… I don’t think I’m a particularly good candidate, sort of a balding fat guy. Second of all, if I did run for office and win I would serve out my term and I wouldn’t leave office midterm,” Rove said, eliciting momentarily stunned silence from the rest of the Fox News panel.