Hat Tip To LawDog for this article.

I missed this story.


Perrazi is a company which makes very high end, very expensive double barreled shotguns. How expensive? Well, a cheap one costs just shy of $10,000 and one of the expensive ones is close enough to half of a million dollars as to make no never-mind.

I hope that it will not come as a surprise to my Gentle Readers when I state — quite confidently — that double-barreled shotguns costing more than the average American car are NOT the weapon of choice for terrorists, much less the run-of-the-mill gang-banging critter.

Obvious, really.

Matter-of-fact when it comes to guns that the gun-grabbers and VPOTUS Joe Biden (but I repeat myself) consider tolerable, the fact that the multi-thousand dollar Perazzi shotguns are too expensive for the hoi-polloi — and only hold a maximum of two rounds — probably means that Perazzis are last on the list of firearms considered verboten by the leftists.

Well, except for law enforcement in the Great State of Colorado.

On 18 MAY 2013 the current president of Perazzi — the son of the founder of the company — was arrested by the Denver Police Department at the Colorado Gun Collectors Show.

Apparently being the president of one of the world’s foremost shot-gun manufacturers, at a gun-show, with shot-guns … is an arrestable offence in Colorado.


To add the cherry to this little cup-cake of suck and fail, once a pair of very well-paid lawyers secured his release from durance vile, someone at Denver PD thought it was a damned fine idea to “suggest” that the president of one of the world’s foremost high-end shot-gun manufacturers … be out of the State of Colorado before the sun set.

I … don’t know that I have any words.

I am heartened by the thought that a whole pack of lawyers with great big dorsal fins are — no doubt — on the way to Denver as I write this.