Hat Tip To Rat’s Right.

I proudly say I am a Obamaphobe.

What do you say?





Liberals have always be awesome at creating meaningless buzzwords and misleading phrases – all designed to paint various pictures of conservatives as callous, selfish, out of touch, or otherwise wrong-headed.

Bush tax cuts for the rich”, “fair share”, “corporate greed” and “Tea Baggers” are all perfect examples. These buzzwords – devoid of fact or logic – and others like them, are created by liberals to influence low-information voters, capture the “moral” high ground or change the dialogue when things just aren’t going their way.

With Scandalpalooza engulfing the White House and Barack Obama’s approval rating deteriorating faster than Justin Bieber’s mental state, liberals are desperate for a change in dialogue.

Hence, not only is there a new buzzword in Liberalville; it’s a malady with which you may very well be afflicted:


Yes, “Obamaphobia.” And it’s spreading like wildfire. It was first detected by New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez earlier this week when he called Texas Senator Ted Cruz “Obamaphobic” for opposing a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens:

“Well, I think he has Obamaphobia,” Menendez said of Cruz on MSNBC.“The reality is that it is the Gang of Eight that came together – four Democrats, four Republicans – and said that we need a path to citizenship.”

Then, “shockingly,” the inimitable “Reverend” Al Sharpton got into the act, jumping on the Menendez comment and Cruz’s reaction to it:

“He’s [Menendez] [was] talking about Republican Senator Ted Cruz, the guy who once called President Obama the most radical President we’ve ever seen. He [Cruz] tweeted, ‘If supporting real immigration reform, not a path to citizenship, is ‘Obamaphobia,’ guilty as charged’. Re-tweet if you’re a fellow ‘Obamaphobic.’

Bragging about being Obamaphobic. Now, I know he was responding to a Democratic Senator, but the fact is, this is who they are. They are scared because the party is built on fear and obstruction. And no matter how hard they try, it`s not working.”

By the way, the hypocrisy of race-baiting, fear-mongering Al Sharpton referring to the Republican Party as being built on “fear and obstruction” is as epic as it gets.

So, how can you tell if you’re Obamaphobic?

While the symptoms of Obamaphobia are many, here are a few of the more obvious:

  • If you believe in hard work and individual initiative, you just might be an Obamaphobe.
  • If you think that free enterprise, a low tax base and non-restrictive federal regulations are in the best interest of America and its economy, you just might be an Obamaphobe.
  • If you think that “a path to citizenship” without first securing our borders is wrong, you just might be an Obamaphobe.

So what’s a conservative to do if confronted by a liberal and accused of being Obamaphobic? Embrace it! Yes, stand tall and proud, and proclaim, in your loudest Tea Bagger voice: “Guilty as charged!”

In fact, I say we have T-shirts made! Consequently, I’ve taken the liberty of getting the ball rolling and coming up with a few slogans for consideration:

Obamaphobic – And Proud Of It!

Got Obamaphobia?

Non-Recovering Obamaphobe!

Don’t Blame Me – I’m Obamaphobic!