This is from The Politico.

Sheriff Joe is spot on with his comments.

He is also correct on how to secure the border.

The half wits in Washington are clueless.



Arizona Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio scoffed at lawmakers’ attempts at showing that the border could be secured, saying that it would never happen – at least not without enforcing some immigration laws.

“[Undocumented immigrants] are very, very innovative. You’ll never secure the border,” Arpaio said on Fox News on Monday. “To say you’re not going to enforce the illegal immigration laws in the interior and blame it on the border, that’s just a copout.”


The sheriff, who has served Arizona in this post for 20 years, said that lawmakers were more concerned with giving undocumented immigrants amnesty, rather than persecuting them under the law.


Arpaio suggested that if the nation’s leaders were serious about securing the border, working with Mexico would be the best bet.

“Use the Mexican army, the federal police, work together and get it done,” he said. “We should send the border patrol or some military over there to help the President of Mexico to work together and get the job done, if you’re really serious about it.”
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