I was in Wal-mart in Terre Haute,Indiana on Wednesday.

I was open carrying my Glock .40 when a lady approached me.

She said I need to ask you about that.(My Glock)

She asked if I was a police officer,I told her “No I am not.

I am thinking this is going to go down hill quickly.

She then asked if it was legal for my to wear it in the open.

I told her yes it is as long as you have a License To Carry A Handgun.

Indiana’s law is silent about how to carry. so open and concealed is

is legal in Indiana.

She then tells my I am from England and we can not have guns.

The people who do have them are regulated heavily and watched.

She asked if she could take my picture to send to her family in England.

I consented to the picture.

As we parted she had these very profound words to pass along to me.

“Do not let Obama turn America in to England.”

I was surprised by her words as they were thought-provoking.