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This is the most Bravo Serria lawsuit i have heard of ever.

I bet New Rochelle allows Mexican,Cuba and Puerto Rican flags.



                            The Gadsden Flag flies under the American flag at the former armory in New Rochelle. A veterans group is suing after the city ordered it taken down. From the SAVE the Armory Facebook page.


NEW ROCHELLE — A veterans group is alleging in a federal lawsuit that the city violated its free-speech rights and the state’s Open Meetings Law when a council majority decided in March to remove a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag from the city-owned former armory.

The United Veterans Memorial & Patriotic Association of New Rochelle and its president, Peter Parente, are suing the city, Mayor Noam Bramson, the city manager and four City Council members.

The lawsuit, filed July 26 in federal court in White Plains, seeks a court order permitting the association to fly the Gadsden flag and “nominal and compensatory damages.”

The yellow flag, featuring a coiled rattlesnake, was hoisted below the Stars and Stripes at the former city armory March 21. But the Democratic council majority decided to take it down about a week later, suggesting it was a Tea Party symbol.

“Contrary to defendants’ unfounded, subjective (and incorrect) belief, plaintiffs’ intended purpose in flying the Gadsden flag below the Stars and Stripes at the armory was and is not to make a statement in support of the Tea Party,” the lawsuit says.

Rather, the lawsuit says, it’s consistent with the association’s mission to “honor the veterans who have served and died for our country,” foster patriotism in the community and educate the public about the historic flag.

“It’s a slap in the face, an insult to any veteran that they would try to identify that flag with anything other than what it should be — honoring the service of our people,” said Ron Tocci, a former assemblyman and a retired Veterans Affairs commissioner.

The association is being represented by the Thomas More Law Center, a conservative Christian law group based in Ann Arbor, Mich.

City Councilman Jared Rice, who supported the flag’s removal, said Friday it was no longer an issue.

“I am focused on the daily activities of the city,” Rice said.

Bramson and Parente declined to discuss the pending lawsuit Friday.

A city lawyer did not return a call.