Hat Tip To Solidarity In Truth.


Is yesterday’s Washington DC Navy Yard shooting some sort of false flag operation or was it just a lone lunatic gunman killing over a dozen people?  Either way, it’s bad.  It’s either a representation of how untrustworthy, manipulative and corrupt our government is — or it’s a representation of how untrustworthy, violent and corrupt our society is.  Whether you are an “official story” believer, or see a different angle from the official story given to us by the mainstream media and the US government, the bottom-line is that every single one of us knows that there is something fundamentally wrong within our country.

The question, however, is whether the problem exists within the fabric of our society, or if the problem exists with our media and government.

Over the last decade America has changed.  A constant flow of misinformation is now transmitted to us through social media, mainstream news, pop culture, and the US government.  The cultivation of changes that occurred in the 1980′s in the economic and financial sectors have amounted to an unstable economy.  And the American people have become more skeptical of the political and monetary systems, have become suspicious of the government’s control of them through surveillance, and are starting to loose trust in the fundamental systems that govern the United States.

This lack of trust has created an entirely new era of social ideology within the American people.  Every time a tragedy occurs on American soil (and even tragedy in foreign places now as well, as we have seen in Syria) our society seems to be torn down the middle, with two sides instinctively being drawn; those that believe and agree with the official story as reported by the government and mainstream media, and those that do not believe in the official story and believe these tragedies to be either false flag operations by the US government or other groups acting on behalf of Washington’s interest.  Both sides have their reasons.  Both sides have credible reasons.  But even so, if absolute truth were to be given to us, only one side can be correct in their assumptions.

Yesterday’s Washington DC Navy Yard shooting is another example of this divide.  I have to admit, it is easy to understand the side of the “official story” believers.  Non-withstanding what specific generation you are of, as Americans we all grew up with very clear ideals and assumptions of our media, our government, and authority in general — that they would tell us the truth, and that the information we received from the news or from government was correct.  It was ingrained into us at the very core.  And it is a comforting concept, to be able to have one hundred percent certain faith in these longstanding American institutions.   To even remotely consider that what we are being told, especially during time of tragedy such as these DC shootings, are facts that are completely false is a terrifying notion.  And so, I understand this side.  And believe me, I want to be one of you.

But one day, fifteen years ago when I was a freshman in college, something happened that no longer allowed me to be an “official story” believer anymore.  Like Pandora’s Box, once you let one little thing out, there’s no stopping the rest of it — and there’s no putting it back in.  I had learned that the United States did not “win” the Vietnam War.  After being told over and over throughout all of my schooling that we had.  I was in shock.  And then I discovered the Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation.  And everything changed.

The official story of yesterday’s Washington DC shootings is that Aaron Alexis, a civilian contractor and military veteran from Forth Worth, entered the Naval Yard base with a valid pass and proceeded to have killed at least 12 people before being shot dead himself.   There was speculation by the DC police that there was three shooters, given the evidence they initially had.  However, by midday yesterday, the official story changed to only one shooter (Aaron Alexis). They do not know of a motive for the shooting.  They do know, however, that he purchased at least some of the weapons legally.

The mainstream news media has reported on the shooting as dictated by what the Naval military police, DC police and Naval personnel has provided them.  After hours of listening to, watching and reading mainstream media reports of the incident, I have not heard one question of the report given, I have not heard one mention as to any independent investigations done from within private media sectors, and I have not heard one person bring up the coincidences of when and where this tragedy took place.

Now, on the other side of this event we have those who are questioning whether or not the event took place as we are told it did.  And if it didn’t actually occur the way we are told — or if it didn’t actually occur at all, but rather was a staged event – why would it be done, and who would have done it?

If you have ever worked in any kind of criminal justice or private investigation, you know that the basis to developing theories for things like crimes is based on the same foundation that authors use when writing stories: Who?  What?  When?  Where? How? and most importantly … Why?  It is the last question that is most important; finding a motive to substantiate why someone would do something is the cornerstone of uncovering — or creating — a truthful narrative.

This shooting comes at a very specific and strategic time for the US government, less than a week after Washington lost its immediate plans to strike Syria and instead follow UN diplomatic efforts to resolve the chemical weapons issue of the Assad government.  Additionally, less than 6 hours after the shooting a flood of public officials — including Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, most recently under criticism for lying to the American people about unconstitutional surveillance conducted by the NSA — were on the news, giving public speeches condemning gun ownership laws and advocating bans on personal weapons.

The media and government spokespeople have reiterated over and over that many of the guns used in this shooting were guns that were legally purchased.  This point of contention is very important in the overall analysis of the event;why would the fact of these guns being legal be of importance immediately following a shooting?

Unless there was a specific motive over this fact, wouldn’t the bigger issue be:why are people in this country committing mass shootings to begin with, regardless of if any of the weapons used were legal or not?  

The reality is, if someone wants a gun it is very easy to obtain one illegally.  Living in Chicago, I could literally drive down any south-side neighborhood and buy a gun on the street.  If there was truly a concern over shootings such as theses, why wouldn’t the discussion be focused around social issues?  Things like questioning the failures of our society that it is producing people committing terrible violence for no reason, funding programs for the mentally ill, etc?

And most importantly, if civilian violence/shootings is truly that important in our country that an event like the DC shootings is actually pressing elected officials to change gun laws that could eventually eliminate the 2nd Amendment, then why isn’t this fervor seen every single day when in neighborhoods in places like Chicago and LA there are literally dozens of people being shot to death — many of them children?  On St. Patrick’s Day 2012, Chicago had 49 shootings in ONE SINGLE DAY.   

So, we can see that there could potentially be motive in either staging, exaggerating, or misrepresenting the event; taking focus away from other issues going on in Washington and our government (i.e. Syria, the information released that our government is providing Israel with raw intelligence that includes information on American citizens, etc.), creating a platform to further change federal gun laws, or politicizing social unrest in our society in order to scare the public and make people to psychologically look to the government to protect them from the violent society in which we live.

But what about the actual facts of the story?

When the shooting first occurred there were several official statements by the Washington DC police and fire department that they suspected there were three shooters involved, given the time frame in which the shootings occurred, where they occurred and how they were done.  Now, it is important to remember that when operations are carried out within the military or intelligence agencies, the first rule is creating strict levels of compartmentalization.  In other words, you only provide information to each person or organization on a need-to-know basis.   And many areas of law enforcement would be left, also, to believing in the official story.  So, it is interesting to see that other facets of law enforcement — the DC police and fire department, who may not have been involved on any operational level — had initially concluded that there were three shooters involved, based on the information they drew from the evidence.

And then there’s a very interesting news article in a British of Columbia newspaper http://www.kelownadailycourier.ca/world-news/police-fbi-shooter-reported-in-military-building-at-washington-navy-yard-multiple-victims.html.  The article was published on September 15th at 11:31pm, nearly 12 hours before the event took place.  While it is possible this will be explained away by some sort of publishing/date error, it is important to note that all of their other articles contain the correct date and time stamp — and that there were people who accessed this article online within minutes of the shootings, before any other major media website had the information to publish about the shooting.

And then there is the issue of where the shooting took place.  It is very questionable that of all places, the shooting took place on a gated Naval Yard at our nation’s capital.  If we were to assume the shooting was in fact a false flag operation, the most obvious and easily accessible choice would be to create an event on a military post.  The reasons are obvious; there is greater control of what outside non-military law enforcement can have access to, there is greater control over the actual execution of the event and control all variables, and there is the ability for military to control the victim’s families in the aftermath.

The question of whether or not this was a false flag operation is indeed an important one — like other questionable or suspicious events that have happened, both on US soil and in foreign countries, it raises concerns of what our government is really doing, who is really controlling our government, what their true agenda is, and how much we can even trust our government.  However, whether you believe the shooting to be a false flag operation or you believe the official story, they both carry with it the fundamental issue that there is something innately wrong in our country and that something has dramatically changed within our country over the last 12 years.

And the question is not if there is a problem.  The question is — what is the problem?  Is it truly society that is the problem, meaning that we the American people are the problem?  Or is it our government that is the problem?