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Just when you think Barack Milhous Capone Kardashian can not get any lower.

He proves that he is loner than whale shit on the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

There is a special place in Hell reserved for Barack Milhous Capone Kardashian.  


Under President Obama’s shut down, the National Institutes for Health (NIH) have put and end to the therapy dogs visiting sick kids claiming a lack of money to continue.

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NPR reports: “They can only come once a week, but it’s the highlight of Sam’s week,” mother of patient Sam Whetzel said. But this week, she says, her son Sam got some bad news. “They came and stopped in, and told Sam that the therapy dog wouldn’t be coming because of the government shutdown.”

Kids love the weekly visits of the therapy dogs

“He was disappointed,” Whetzel says. “He really looks forward to the dogs coming. He has a special fondness for the little dogs that can come and just sit on his bed and lie down and curl up with him.”

Further, the NIH is not enrolling new patients in its studies or clinical trials until the shut down ends. This prevents about 200 people a week from getting possible life-saving treatments.

NIH Director Francis Collins decried the shut down.

The clinical center is often called the ‘House of Hope,’ and the ‘House of Hope’ had to close its doors to new patients because that’s what a shutdown does. How would you feel, as a parent of a child with cancer, hoping that somehow NIH and its clinical center might provide some rescue from a very difficult situation, to hear that, frankly, you can’t come, because the government wasn’t able to stay open?

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As William Bigelow reports, in 2011, 23 of the top 28 highest paid federal employees were officials at the National Institutes of Health; all made over $290,000 per year.

The National Institutes of Health