Hat tip to Mad Jewess.

Where is General Dwight Eishenhower when we need him?

We need another Operation Wetback.

Sadly we do not have Ike as president

We have light in his loafers America Hateing mom jeans.

Marxist, Mexican Scumbags HATE American’s With A Passion, Here Is 100% Proof

America is NOT your country.  You have a crap-hole called Mexico. GO HOME.

Hey Illegal loving drek, you have a country – It’s called Mexi-fornia.  Go there. Let American’s that are patriotic leave you vomitous slobs and go to states that are sane.  You can have your burrito’s, chiles, tacos, ugly flags, and welfare leeches who take from Americans and then disrespect us.  ”Evil” Whitey is sick of you filth.  If you can’t see how much these Chicano’s hate you, read it here, below and wake up, STUPIDO.

Calling it a “pivotal moment,” a band of Latino donors has launched a $20 million campaign to unseat those in the House who stand against President Obama’s immigration proposals and oppose Democratic Party reform bills.

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