This is from Top Conservative News.

These animals roam and attack in packs.

They are feral animals and need to dealt with in

same manner as feral dogs.

If Obama had sons they would look like the animals.

Black mob violence is spiraling out of control in New York City. Yet the media is still won’t talk about it. In the latest attack, a group of teenage black males ransacked a convenience store. Then they savagely beat an Asian man who owned the store. The man was hospitalized with serious injuries.

Yet, CBS New York never mentions the race of the attackers. They repeatedly call the attackers “skateboarders.” The use of the term “skateboarder” is obvious. Most people think of white people when they think of skateboarders. This is yet another tactic to downplay black racial mob violence.

When you look at these surveillance pictures, what adjectives come to mind? Is “skateboarder” on the top of your list?