This is from Patriot Update.

Can the rot in America be excised?

I hope it can be excised.

How many election cycles will it take?


It is said that a fish rots from the head. So goes America. We are rotting from the headfrom our Government. Washington stinks of theft, corruption, crony capitalism, law breakers, and State sanctioned murder. Obama likes to whine that the rich just keep getting richer and he’s right. His administration has been very good to the ultra-wealthy and the Liberals in power are getting more powerful. They don’t want us to see it but it’s there. The head of America is rotten. The rest of it is beginning to stink too. Those of us who are paying attention can smell it. Those of us who are not paying attention are to blame for not stopping it.

Look at the corruption of Obama’s regime. Benghazi. The IRS, the IRS and the IRS, the DOJ wire taps, the NLRB (see Boeing), The NSA, Solyndra and phony global warming to name just the big ones. If you are reading this and don’t know the details of these issues and how they affect you and all of us, you are an idiot in need of fundamental transformation. Only a fool or true Liberal believer could tolerate Obama and his pals and the Progressive Republicans that play nice with them.

Progressives—Democrat and Republican—are enemies of the State. Most politicians care only about re-election and maintaining their power and position so “go along to get along” becomes the norm. It used to be that a candidate stated their position on issues and hoped for a positive result on election day. The Progressives in our government want to do it differently now. They want to guarantee their re-election until retirement or death. They need massive control and more adoring voters in order to accomplish this.

Control is Obama’s middle name. Barack Control Obama. He’s a student of Saul Alinsky and taught Alinsky’s methods. (Don’t know about him? Stop here and look up Saul Alinsky). Obama has been putting controls in place since his election. The biggie is Obamacare. People, just wait and see what getting health care in America is about to become and what it will cost. Millions of folks have already lost the plans they had and liked because Obamacare says the plans aren’t good enough. The folks were happy with them and they WERE good enough. But Dear Leader says no. These folks will have to find new plans full of crap they don’t want and don’t want to pay for and the cost increase is huge. So Obama says let’s subsidize them. Where does that money come from? The same hard working taxpayers being punched in the wallet by Obamacare. This is about the government taking CONTROL of our health care. Single payer is coming, just you wait. It was the goal from the beginning. Americans have allowed their government to take over their health care, all their personal health information and 1/6 of the economy in one shot. Who but a Progressive would see that as a good thing? They MUST control our health care to begin to take full control of us. Obamacare = Control.

What else are Dear Leader and the Progressives trying to control?

Private gun ownership (the easier to kick your door in without fear)

Right to Work (Unionize everyone)

Food production (see the Farm Bill)

Energy production (slowly kill the coal industry, block oil and shale gas production, begin to force people off burning wood)

Education (my God read up on Common Core—the indoctrination of our youth)

“Freebies for all” and especially “Amnesty” will guarantee the Democrats a huge new pool of millions of voters who will feed off the teat of working Americans, get their “free crap” and forever vote Democrat. Don’t believe any Democrat or Progressive who says amnesty won’t end up with voting rights for the ex-illegals. Don’t buy that for a second. It HAS to. They must control the outcome of elections. They are working on it.

There are so many busy little tentacles of Progressivism out there. They want black boxes in our cars so we can be taxed by the mile. They want “cap and trade”. They want always to expand the size of government and steal from us to pay for it. They want to control what we eat and drink. How we travel. What we drive. It just goes on endlessly.

Is Chris Christie the answer for the Republican Party and us who are Conservatives? Not to me he isn’t. He’s just another Progressive hiding behind the tag “Republican”. I can see it now—Clinton vs. Christie. Not good for us either way. How about Conservatives demand the Republicans run a ticket like Ted Cruz and Allen West? That’s a ticket to vote for. Or Rand Paul and either Cruz or West? Sweet! Good luck with that. The establishment GOP will try and deliver Christie. They will succeed if we let them. How about we don’t. Together we can cut off the rotting head of America.