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Two sons and a daughter of Obama try to rob a

76 year old South Carolina woman.

It is a shame the punk Mrs.Hendrix shot did not die.   



A 76 year old woman is dead today after being attacked on her own property after returning home from bingo. The woman, Dorothy Hendrix, was shot twice outside her South Carolina home by three thugs.  Before being shot, however, she was able to shoot and wound one of her assailants.

Hendrix soon passed away from her injuries, but Steven Hagood, Tereba Geer, and Bradacious Galloway have all been arrested and charged with murder.

In 2011, Hendrix had been robbed while carrying money from the bingo hall she volunteered for.  She was unarmed and had to unwillingly give the money to her assailants.  She had since then applied for her carry and conceal license and purchased a firearm.

Her brother, Ronnie Lollis said that, “She had been robbed right here at her house, coming out of her house. That’s what made her get her gun. I don’t understand why she wanted to keep coming back.”

After returning from the bingo club on Saturday, the gang of three apparently approached the woman with the intention of robbing her.  Hendrix did have a large sum of money with her which authorities speculate that the gang had prior knowledge of, as the attack at her home seemed as if it had been planned.


Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper stated that, “This was not a random act. The robbery was planned, and she was specifically targeted. The trio had knowledge that Hendrix carried large sums of money home with her at night.”

When the gang approached her, Ms. Hendrix was able to draw her weapon and shoot one of her assailants in the stomach.  A different member of the gang also drew their weapon after seeing Hendrix shoot their friend, and proceeded to return fire.  Hendrix was hit twice — once in the abdomen and once in the arm.

Ms. Hendrix died in the company of family, holding hands, as she lied in her front lawn.

Lollis, told reporters that, “She fought. She was a fighter. She shot him.”


Murdering savages

The man who was shot in the stomach, Steven Hagood, 33 is currently recovering in a hospital where is being guarded by police.  The hazard to society was also “served with a family bench warrant for unpaid child support of $80,000.” This man should have been off the streets long before this could have happened.

The other two, Tereba Geer, 26, and Bradacious Galloway, 23, have been arrested and charged with murder.

How low do you have to stoop to steal from an elderly woman for a few bingo bucks?

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