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My Florida friend Marielena Stuart, who ran for Senate in 2012, escaped Cuban communism as a teenager. She understands dictatorships. She knows what tyranny looks like. She is qualified to explain who Nelson Mandela really is, why Obama shook hands with Raul Castro, and exactly what is happening in Africa in this thorough article of facts, facts the mainstream media will not report.

Marielena begins, “It is extremely difficult for someone like me, as a survivor of communism, to witness this international massive socialist takeover. Members of my family, including my father, were political prisoners under Castro’s bloody regime. One of my uncles became one of the longest held political prisoners in the Western Hemisphere. Other family members were tortured and executed– or died fighting against Castro’s Communist forces. I visited Castro’s political prisons during my childhood in Cuba, so I have full authority to speak about the communist atrocities that I witnessed.”

Marielena explains how Nelson Mandela was a communist just like Castro and Obama, and how Nelson Mandela left Africa racially divided, jobless and impoverished, while he personally acquired millions of dollars, “his children and grandchildren active in some 200 private companies.” Mandela was a hypocrite and a terrible leader.

Even his comrades dissed him. The World Socialist Website of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), December 7, posted this;

“South Africa today ranks as the most socially unequal country on the face of the planet. The gap between wealth and poverty and the number of poor South Africans are both greater than they were when Mandela walked out of prison in 1990. Fully 60 percent of the country’s income goes to the top 10 percent, while the bottom 50 percent lives below the poverty line, collectively receiving less than 8 percent of total earnings. At least 20 million are jobless, including over half of the younger workers.

Meanwhile, under the mantle of programs like “Black Economic Empowerment,” a thin layer of black ex-ANC leaders, trade union officials and small businessmen has become very rich from incorporation onto boards of directors, acquisitions of stock, and contracts with the government. It is under these conditions that ANC governments that have followed Mandela’s, first under Thabo Mbeki and now Jacob Zuma, have come to be seen as the corrupt representatives of a wealthy ruling establishment.

Mandela, who played a less and less active role in the country’s political life, nevertheless served as a facade for the ANC, which traded on his history of sacrifice and his image of humble dignity to hide its own corrupt self-dealing. Behind the facade, of course, Mandela and his family raked in millions, with his children and grandchildren active in some 200 private companies.”

Marielena ends with, “The presence of these leaders in Johannesburg has everything to do with a show of force, to assert their New World Order of power, greed and control—and absolutely nothing to do with the well-being of the black population.

The citizens of South Africa deserve better.”

The New World Order (United Nation’s Agenda 21) is global redistribution of wealth. It is Marxism. It will enslave the masses, including you. Population control will kill millions. An oligarchy, the elite will rule, just like the old feudal system. Kings and slaves. If this is what you want, keep your eyes and ears covered. If you want freedom, tell your friends to read this.

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