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This why New Jersey is so screwed up.

This man needs to be tried for fraud and fired.

Then whomever approved his disability claim should lose

their job and be prosecuted for fraud.

Cop Gets $2,000,000 Disability After Stapling His Finger | American Overlook.

A cop in NJ had applied for his disability pension in 2008 after he had an accident where he stapled his own finger on his non-shooting hand.

Doctors said he was permanently damaged and completely disabled. They made this claim saying he would have trouble handling his weapon and performing his other job duties.

And how did he injure himself? He says he was trying to staple a paper cutout to some cardboard for target practice.

Well this cop is under extreme scrutiny as video has surfaced of him using a sniper rifle at a shooting range. When he was contacted at his home the cop said “I can obviously step out and look at it as someone else would look at it, and it absolutely looks ridiculous,”

According to NJ Watchdog, if this cop lives to 80 years-old he will have earned $2,000,000 from his disability payments.

After the video of him shooting the rifle surfaced, John Sierchio, who serves on the pension board said he will have the cops case reviewed.

The cop claims that it’s the State’s fault he is on disability because they wouldn’t transfer him to a different position that was less physically demanding. He also claims he was using his non-injured hand in the video of him at the shooting range.

What do you think? Should he lose his disability payments?