This is from The Independent Sentiel.

This is only going to get worse as time drags on.

Gun owners need to stay alert and bond together to help

preserve our freedoms.

All in favor of gun control raise your hand.



Donald Kaul, writer for the Des Moines Register, a leftist publication, is a man of the left. If you click the link and read his article, you will find he makes that clear in the first three paragraphs. A focus of his attention for 50-years, by his own account, is guns. He hates them, the NRA and the politicians who won’t eliminate them.

He is under the delusion that guns are responsible for deaths and not the people who use them and that somehow 300 million guns in the US will disappear if he waves his wand. He believes that the only concern people in authority have is not wanting to offend the NRA.

He has a plan to end gun violence in America:

Repeal the Second Amendment – owning a gun should not be right.

Declare the NRA a terrorist organization and make membership illegal. He thinks they kill more people than the Communists.

He’d love to be able to drag McConnell, Boehner, and other Republicans behind a Chevy pickup truck until they saw the light on gun control.

I don’t think he means to drag senators and congressmen behind a pickup truck but I do think he’d like to. I take him at his word, which furthers my impression that leftists are violent people.

Make no mistake, leftists want to repeal the Second Amendment.

The NRA is an advocacy organization for a group of people. That is all they are. People are still allowed to have such groups in this country. Mr. Kaul and his leftists don’t get to decide what groups we can organize. I don’t hear him calling for the end of Communist Party USA and other groups that seek to topple our government by their own admission.

We have a president who is making the world and our country a more dangerous place but leftists want us to give up our guns and our right to self-defense.

Remember what Justice Breyer said, we don’t have the right to self-defense, we have the right to call 911.

gun rights_2

What will he do with all the knifing murders like the young teacher in Massachusetts or the gunman in Colorado yesterday who also brought along a Molotov Cocktail?

There is a nationwide effort by leftists to control us, beginning with our health and ending with our right to defend ourselves.

Who has our best interests at heart? I think it’s the men he wants to drag behind the Chevy pickup.