This is from Cain TV.

There is no doubt in my mind this commerical will

give the anti gunners apoplexy.


“Somebody picked the wrong girl.”

You’d think the party that claims to support strong, independent women would love her. OK, no you wouldn’t. Because they don’t. The party in question loves a woman who knows where to go to get government benefits. A woman like this is doing it all wrong:

dramatic and intense than you might have expected. Every time she goes back to the couch (what is she watching, by the way?) and sits down, only to hear that ominous knock on the door once again, you’re really starting to get concerned that the perp might get in before she’s armed and ready.

The first time I watched (spoiler if you haven’t already hit play), I was actually expecting her to shoot him dead. Now that would have been attention-getting, but it is a commercial after all, and I don’t suppose that’s really the association Glock is looking for. It’s about protecting yourself, not about killing someone. Granted, without the threat of the latter you can’t really do the former, but I do think it’s accurate that in the circumstances envisioned here, it would not be necessary to ever pull the trigger the vast majority of the time. The perp is either going to run or put his hands on his head and give up.

A lynchpin of the liberal argument against gun rights is that the average gun-toting citizen is more likely to get shot by his/her own gun than to use in successfully in self-protection. This ad really exposes the thinking that drives that argument. The left simply doesn’t believe that a young woman like this could handle herself in the situation depicted. In their minds, there is no way she’s pointing the gun at the door when the bad guy gets it open – poised and ready. And that goes for a 40-year-old dad looking to protect his family too. These dopes would just end up getting shot by their own gun, so they’re better off not being allowed to own it in the first place. That’s the argument.

I will say this: If I’m her, I’m not waiting until the third time I hear the noise to get the gun. The first time I might write it off as something harmless, but the second time I’m getting the Glock. Why does she wait so long? Just for the ad’s dramatic effect?

Anyway, if that’s the strongest criticism of the ad (and it would be mine), that’s not an anti-gun control argument. It’s an argument for getting that thing in your hands sooner.