This is from Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.

While the faces of the people who demand gun control

changes their tired old song stays the same.

We are banning guns to save the children, more guns equals

more crime, assault rifles are evil.

We now have a Chicago thug as president, and we know his

stance on firearms ownership.

This is from John R. Lott’s book,”At The Brink.”

1. In a 1998 questionnaire for the Illinois state legislature, Obama said he wanted to “ban the sale or transfer of all sorts of semi-automatic weapons.”

2. From 1998-2001, Obama was on the board of the Joyce Foundation, the “major funder for gun-control research” at that time.

3. Obama opposes concealed carry and always has.

4. Obama only sees two “legitimate” purposes for guns: “hunting and target shooting.” This means using guns for self defense is not legitimate. And this goes a long way in explaining Obama’s past support of laws banning the use of guns for self-defense in Illinois, even in one’s own home.

Lott says that now, the biggest threat gun-owners face from Obama is “his power to reshape the federal courts” while president: “Each appointment to the Supreme Court could determine whether the people are allowed to keep their gun


In war, the enemy to our freedoms constantly changes. One time it’s the Russians, the next the Koreans, the next the Taliban, and on and on. But in only one war on our constitutional rights does the enemy stay the same – gun control. Powerful Americans against regular Americans.

I read a newspaper this week that had the following titles of articles:

  1. More people in county getting weapon permits
  2. Ruling went too far?
  3. Right to bear arms protected by state law.
  4. Should handguns be banned in the U.S.?
    1. Yes – Lobbyist says murders too high a price to pay
    2. No – Gun control hasn’t reduced crime, says group

No, these aren’t articles from this week or even last year – they are from 1982. THIRTY-TWO YEARS AGO. But they sure look the same, don’t they?

So what else were both sides saying back then? For starters, while the pro-gun side remains consistent – that guns help deter crime and people mainly buy guns for self-defense, the anti-gun side keeps digging for different angles to use. Today, they argue mostly against the so-called “assault rifle” more or less leaving handguns out of the discussion – for now. But in 1982 handguns were the cause of all evil in the world.

At that time Paul Lavrakas, field director for the Washington D.C. office of the National Coalition to Ban Handguns believed that he was the typical anti-gunner who felt he could decide what “legitimate” uses were of handguns and of course, how they weren’t interested in messing with those uses. Right. Except for the part where yes, he thought you should be able to target practice but you would need to register your guns and keep them at a gun club and never take them home. Sounds like they wanted to mess with target gun owners pretty good to me.

He also stated, “Our ultimate objective is to eliminate the private possession of handguns. We don’t expect it to happentomorrow.” The article goes on to say that Lavrakas also said, “the handgun is the worst possible weapon for self-defense ,though many people do not seem to appreciate that.

A shotgun, he said, is a much better self-defense weapon.” Right. People should carry around shotguns everywhere for self-defense.

In the article “Ruling went too far?” it discusses the handgun ban that was implement in Morton Grove, Illinois in 1981. It was seen as unconstitutional by gun-proponents and the usual phony BS of helping to reduce crime by the anti-gunners.

While the law was originally held up as constitutional, in 2008 the city voted to repeal the ban when they saw the writing on the wall when the Supreme Court struck down such a ban in another city. So the anti-gunners needs to also understand that any law they pass CAN also be repealed.

Then, as now, politicians are simply ignoring the fact that people are giving their opinion of gun control by the way they spend their money. These articles explained that more people are buying guns and getting their concealed carry permits, the same as has been happening the last several years. Every time anti-gunners start going after guns, people start buying more guns.

Obviously Americans don’t want to be told they can’t have guns. Finally, the recall of two anti-gun politicians in Colorado shows that we can do something to those who aren’t paying attention. The frustrating part for me about running across these articles is that this is a never-ending war. The anti-gunners will come at us from every which way, twisting the facts, the research, lie however they need to in order to take away our constitutional right. Thirty years ago it was handguns, today it’s assault rifles. It doesn’t matter what they try to say, they are after ALL our guns.

When I first entered the world of a gun owner about six years ago, I didn’t have any idea that I would end up doing battle for a constitutional right. I keep reading that they’re coming for our guns again in 2014. It seems ridiculous to have to perpetually be at war with our own country.

It’s exhausting and I haven’t been dealing with it as long as many people! But the only other option is giving up or letting down our guard and we simply can’t do that. This little piece of history has shown me that they are CONSTANTLY after our guns, ALL our guns, and gun owners are NOT being paranoid about that, it is simply reality. So I just have to know that I have to be in the fight for the long-haul because people of power will NEVER stop trying to take away our power.