This is from Guns Save Lives.

Piers Morgan just could not get Sheriff Chris Nocco to get on his more gun control bandwagon.

You can hear a little exasperation in Morgans voice because Sheriff Nocco to join the more gun control crowd.  

Piers Morgan had the chance to interview the sheriff, Chris Nocco, of the county where a man was shot in a movie theater last week.

Rather than just trying to get some information from Nocco on the crime, Morgan, of course, has to try to steer the discussion on to the topic of gun control.

However, Nocco wasn’t having any of it. Nocco repeatedly reiterated the fact that the victim in this case was killed by another person, not a gun.

Nocco went on to point out that, yes, some people are killed by gun violence, but there are just as many, or more, people who use firearms for self defense everyday (as we document on this website).

Nocco also pointed out that if guns are outlawed, criminals will still get them through illegal means.

Morgan likes to compare his native UK, where guns are essentially banned, to the US. I’m not sure how Morgan thinks that a small, island nation and a much larger country with open borders can be thought of as similar.

Given the fact that guns can be used for both good and evil, in my opinion, we have to keep our Second Amendment rights intact. This is America, and we should be erring on the side of freedom, not caution.

Great job holding up to Morgan’s gun control rhetoric by Nocco.