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Laura Bush has more class in her little finger than the Shaved Wookie in the White House now.

Mochelle has taken advantage of the tax payers with her lavish vacations.



During the 2012 campaign, Obama whined at a campaign event focused on women’s issues in Colorado that Michelle doesn’t receive a salary as First Lady.

An obvious ploy to win over women voters, he said that First Lady is a “tough job” and he wants to make sure “she’s getting paid the same as men.”

Never mind all of the taxpayer-incurred costs that Michelle accumulates doing her “job” as First Lady, which, as we’ve written before, includes taxpayer-funded vacations.

Former First Lady Laura Bush spoke recently to CSPAN on this very issue, and her response is great.

Our friends at IJ Review report:

In a sneak-peek for a special “First Ladies” interview with C-SPAN, former First Lady Laura Bush responds to a question about whether or not the president’s spouse should get a salary. She replies that she doesn’t “think so,” because “there are plenty of perks.”

Furthermore, Mrs. Bush adds that the real question is whether or not a “First Gentleman” or a First Lady might be expected to maintain a career while married to the President of the United States.

Mrs. Bush couldn’t have given a classier or more appropriate response.  Instead of insisting on taking even more money for taxpayers, she noted that the First Family is already living in the lap of luxury with chefs, personal assistants, trips, access to Air Force One, and many other benefits.  Demanding a salary on top of the $1.4 billion it takes to fund the White House each year is just immoral and disgusting.

Help us get the word out about this good reminder to Obama from Laura Bush about how many perks the First Lady has included in her “job” without receiving a salary.