This is from Breitbart’s Big Government.

This is a prime example of liberal intolerance.

An armed society is a polite society.

Sadly this is the mentality a large majority of professors have today they are teaching the progressive Communist manifesto. 


                                Behold a picture of a walking talking rectum.


In a February 27th op-ed Boise State University professor Greg Hampikian asked, “When may I shoot a student?”

Hampikian was trying to show his disapproval of a campus carry law gaining momentum in Idaho.

According to Boise’s, Hampikian believes the passage of campus carry will mean “disgruntled” students will pull guns from their backpacks instead of pencils.

Wrote Hampikian:

I have had encounters with disgruntled students over the years, some of whom seemed quite upset, but I always assumed that when they reached into their backpacks they were going for a pencil. Since I carry a pen to lecture, I did not feel outgunned; and because there are no working sharpeners in the lecture hall, the most they could get off is a single point. But now that they will be packing heat, I would like legal instruction in the rules of classroom engagement.

Apparently Hampikian did not realize the only students who will be able to legally pack “heat” on Idaho campuses are those vetted through an extensive concealed carry permit background check process.

It appears he also failed to consider the myriad examples that prove laws against “packing heat” are ignored by criminals intent on attacking classrooms full of defenseless victims.