This is from The Washington Times.

Illinois is broke the city of Chicago is broke.

The state and city can not pay the pensions extorted from them by the unions.

This 100 million dollars coming from where?

Possibly the magic money machine aka the taxpayers?



Illinois wants President Obama’s museum and library in Chicago so badly that lawmakers are set to devote as much as $100 million in state funds to securing the project.

An Illinois House committee on Thursday unanimously voted in favor of the $100 million expense, the Associated Press reported. The full legislature would still need to approve, and it’s not clear yet where the money would come from — or what effect using the funds for the museum and library would have on other items in the budget.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said $100 million is nothing compared to the revenue and tourist dollars the museum and library would generate, AP reported.

The investment would give back “well beyond” its price tag — and would also serve as a solid means of showing Mr. Obama just how much his hometown still reveres him, Mr. Emanuel said, according to AP.

Hawaii and New York are competing with several sites in Chicago — most on the South Side — to win the nod for the presidential sites.

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