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If I remember correctly the draconian gun control laws in Chicago was supposed to keep the city safer.

But in reality they give the gang bangers and thugs the edge over law abiding citizens.



It was another bloody weekend in Obama’s hometown of Chicago as the city celebrated Fathers day. By the time the weekend drew to a close, two were dead and 25 wounded in violence across the city.

As the weekend began on Friday, June 13, a 15-year-old boy was among six wounded on the City’s South and West sides. Most of the victims were in their 20s and 30s but on Friday afternoon a 15-year-old was wounded in Avalon Park.

The boy was shot in the chest and is listed in serious condition.

Friday’s tally wouldn’t end the toll as the blood continued to flow on into the weekend. As Saturday rolled into Sunday morning, 12 more had been shot. One man died of his wounds.

Finally as Fathers Day Sunday wrapped up two had been killed and the grand total of those shot had climbed to 25. One of those shot was just 17. The second to die this weekend was a 28-year-old man.

All of this was preceded by a violent Thursday, as well. During the day on June 12, one was killed and eight more shot.

With Thursday’s carnage added to the weekend tally, that adds up to 33 shot and three dead.