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Wal-Mart- 1 N.Y.Slimes-0



New York Times columnist Timothy Egan recently decided he’d like to play in the big leagues. Or maybe, because he writes for the New York Times, he mistakenly thought he WAS in the big leagues. He wrote column called The Corporate Daddy, and it was a rehash of every progressive complaint about Walmart.

Here’s just a taste.

Walmart is a net drain on taxpayers,” wrote Egan in the missive, adding that the company forces “employees into public assistance with its poverty-wage structure.

It turns out, we’re sure to the surprise of Mr. Egan, that Walmart isn’t afraid of a bully. Even if the bully buys paper by the forest and ink by the rail car load. David Tovar is the director of corporate relations for Walmart. Here’s his response.

We are the largest tax payer in America. Can we see your math?

We see more associates move off of public assistance as a result of their job at Walmart…

We especially enjoy the school marm flavor of Mr. Tovar’s excellent edits. It’s kind of like a 3rd grade teacher grading a late assignment from a disinterested pupil.

This mess was written by a highly paid columnist for what is supposed to be “the” major newspaper in the US, if not the world. He has editors who are supposed to fact check his work, apparently his editors don’t do much more than the hummingbird who occasionally drops my to vet our work. We’re going to have get better hummer food, our little guy is grossly underpaid.

Come to think of it so are we. Or, in fairness, perhaps Tim Egan is just grossly overpaid.