This is from the Independent Journal Review.

I stopped watching The Factor because Bill has slipped off the deep end.

However, he is spot on in his observations about Ferguson.


Bill O’Reilly opened his show last night with a direct and fiery indictment of the mainstream press coverage of the Ferguson shooting and subsequent reactions to the protests and riots.

After summarizing the main points of the situation, with which he is clearly frustrated, O’Reilly concluded with this statement:

“What happened to Michael Brown should never happen to any American. What happened after his death should never happen in this country. But it is happening, and only the truth will overcome the chaos.”

Most Americans, regardless of what side of the aisle they stand on, would agree that what happened and is happening in Ferguson, Missouri, is tragic. But responding with more violence and divisiveness and force does nothing but make the situation worse.

Our legal system exists for a reason; if we don’t let it do its job, how can we expect justice to prevail?