This is from Joe For America.

The hatred and lies will get worse with each setback.

Sir Walter Scott must have had these people in mind with the quote below.


Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.
Scottish author & novelist (1771 – 1832)


The assault on the Second Amendment will never stop.  Never.  There will never be a decisive victory that once-and-for-all drives a stake through the smarmy hearts of Second Amendment haters.  That’s because of their genetic makeup.  They are KnowBetters.  They know better than we do about every aspect of our lives.  And it’s their mission to make sure we’re conforming to their idea of “right” or “good.”

As you probably know, Mike Bloomberg and Democrats in general have really taken it on the chin lately.  Two Supreme Court losses – BIG losses – that reaffirm the right to own and carry a firearm followed by the Bloomberg groups getting smacked down by Starbucks, Facebook, Target, and Kroger in their demand that those chains bar customers who are carrying a firearm.  They haven’t given up, they’ve just changed direction.

Rep. Mike Honda, D-San Jose, has announced legislation that would block civilians from accessing military-grade body armor to prevent criminals from using them in gun battles with law enforcement.

In the history of mass shootings, we could only find two that body armor was involved.  The latest was James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado theater shooter who was a certified nutcase that was known by his school officials to be dangerous.  The only reason Holmes was on the street and able to buy body armor, or fast food for that matter, was because his school counselors refused to alert law enforcement that he was an obvious danger to society.

The other incident was the infamous bank robbery in North Hollywood.  That episode was not a “mass shooting” but a bank robbery gone bad.  The real problem there was the response time of LA SWAT.  Once they were on scene the firefight came to a quick end.  Please note that your Curmudgeon considers the North Hollywood shootout a good use of SWAT.  Serving warrants is not.

So, the bottom line is that Rep. Honda is focusing on banning something that has been used twice in the last sixty years.  Note: that particular link will take you to a an anti-second amendment blog, but their history is something Rep. Honda and his ilk would likely refer to happily.

The most interesting thing about Rep. Honda’s rationale for this particular piece of legislation is this:

Honda, speaking at a news conference in San Jose Wednesday morning with police chiefs and the district attorneys and sheriffs from Santa Clara and Alameda counties, said his proposal would discourage criminals from wearing enhanced body armor to commit mass shootings.

Let’s think about this for a second.

You’ve got somebody who is acquiring “military grade weapons” – that would be Honda’s view – and who is planning a shootout in a public place.  That person either understands they’re not going to survive the event, or they just don’t care.  That’s likely why on one mass shooter has used body armor in 60 plus years.

For your garden variety bank robber, military grade body armor will stop things like a 308 sniper round, lower grade armor won’t stop that kind of a shot.  Lower grade armor will, however, stop a 9mm or 40 cal pistol round, even at close range and if we’re talking a bank robber that’s most likely what they’re going to confront.  Honda’s bill doesn’t address this grade of armor.  If you’re a bank robber, by the time people with a 308 rifle show up, you’re going to be in a hostage situation and the probability is that the sniper will be taking a head shot.  A depleted uranium suit won’t protect you from a 308 head shot.

Rep. Honda and his big city cop buddies who’ve never met a ban they didn’t like are expending lots of effort to attack a problem that doesn’t exist, and even if they manage to pass this legislation it won’t address 99% of the “problem.”

This is just another piece of legislation trying to get it’s nose under the tent.  We can expect to see them trying to ban body armor, ban lead bullets, raise taxes on ammunition, raise taxes on gun purchases, increase transfer fees, etc, etc, etc.  They won’t stop and we have to be vigilant.