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The charges against Texas Governor Rick Perry look pretty dumb. Even Democrats seem to think so. It almost takes the cake as the dumbest political moment in the past year. Almost. Here’s a look at the top 10 political moments in the past year almost as ridiculous as Perry’s indictment.


10. The price of rent in this damn city.


It’s starting to cost more to rent than own property in Detroit. Unfortunately, its not just Detroit, but a trend across the U.S. one that hits American youth particularly hard.

9.  US History classes.


Congresswoman Yvette D. Clark (D-NY) might need a review of the American Presidents. For Lincoln’s birthday, she composed the following tweet. (He was the 16th President, not the 14th.)


8. Government tech support.

obamacare tech support

Kathleen Sebelius called the roll out of the Obamacare website “Terribly Flawed”, an understatement so hilarious Obama’s shield of invincibility couldn’t withstand the media shaming and late night jokes.

7. Email marketing of the GOP.

GOP letter

This summer, the RNC sent out a fundraising email asking Republicans if they had “abandoned the GOP”.

RNC-Email.png  640×1136

The backlash from conservatives over the email gave it instant meme status online.

6. Your privacy; thanks NSA.


It seems like every month Americans discover a new invasion of their privacy by the government. Recently, reports surfaced of a program that works like a search engine of private metadata that the NSA shares with the CIA but also local law enforcement.

5. All those pesky “freedoms”.


Last year, Michael Bloomberg said “I do think there are certain times we [government] should infringeon your freedom.” The previous Mayor of NYC obviously believed his statement as New York continues to deal with the fallout of stop-and-frisk policies or the attempts to ban “unhealthy” foods.

4. Being an expert on China. Sorta.


Senator Max Baucus left his position in Congress to become the Ambassador to China. During his confirmation hearing, he answered a question with the following zinger “I’m no real expert on China.” He was confirmed anyhow, and is now the U.S. representative for one of our most important international relationships, expert or not.

3. Forgetting you’re married.


This spring, Michelle Obama, completely forgot her husband, referring toherself as a single mother.

2. Crack cocaine!

Rob Ford Dance

Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto experienced his American moment of fame this year after he admitted to reporters he had smoked crack cocaine. He even came to the U.S. for his rehab (where else?!).

1. The Obamacare Promise.


If you like your plan you can keep your plan.” LOLOLOLOLOL.