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This could have been Officer Darren Wilson.

By the grace of God Officer Wilson retained his firearm and stayed alive.

The bright spot in this situation is the punk bastard is dead also.



Even though Darren Wilson has been cleared of any charges in the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, reports are still pouring in that Wilson’s side of the story is “unbelievable.”


And the belief that Wilson’s action was justified exists as well.

Darren Wilson’s testimony is filled with lies. That’s why the national bar association is investigating the grand jury decision.

1st, the idea that an unarmed guy would just REACH into cop car and go for gun is absurd. . and 2nd..

 And the belief that Wilson’s action was justified exists as well.

I wonder what all these people would be saying if Michael Brown actually succeeded in stealing the gun from Darren Wilson and killed him.

Interestingly enough, Wilson’s testimony about how Mike Brown attacked him in the squad car and went for his gun has eerie similarities to another case.

The incident, involving former upstate New York police officer David Smith, happened back in March.

According to NY Daily News:

Johnson City Officer David Smith, 43, was shot multiple times outside an MRI office near Binghamton after a disturbed employee managed to grab his gun just after 7 a.m., said Police Chief Joseph Zikuski.

The married 18-year police veteran, who has an 11-year-old son, had just arrived at Southern Tier Imaging when MRI technician James Clark, 43, wildly ran up to him before punching him several times as he was trying to exit his vehicle, said Zikuski.

In addition, those who saw the crime unfold explained how Clark “somehow managed to grab” Smith’s service pistol and fired until the clip was empty.

If the National Bar Association or other entities want to put time into assessing if Darren Wilson’s story checks out, learning from what happened to David Smith might be a good place to start.