This is from The Daily Caller.

If Bowie the Deserting Traitor is charged with desertion why not seek the death penalty?

He did desert in while facing the enemy a feat that I understand does carry the death penalty.


Eight months after the Smartest President Ever traded America’s favorite deserter for five terrorists from Gitmo, Bowe Bergdahl is finally facing the music.

Jim Miklaszewski, NBC News:

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was held captive by enemy forces in Afghanistan for five years, will be charged with desertion, a senior defense officials tell NBC News. The officials say the charges could be referred within a week…

While a court martial could lead to imprisonment, defense and military officials tell NBC News it is likely Bergdahl would be given consideration for the 5 years he spent in captivity and be permitted to leave the Army with a “less than honorable discharge.” If accepted, Bergdahl would be denied as much as $300 thousand in back pay and bonuses, and reduced in rank to at least Private First Class, the rank he held when he disappeared from his outpost in Afghanistan.

So they plan to let him off light.

The Army launched its investigation last October. Why are we only finding out about this now? Washington Free Beacon:

Three months later, the White House is stonewalling the Army’s charges on Bergdahl of desertion. Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser, has been a liaison between the Pentagon and the White House and has led the effort to keep this news from getting out.