This is from Independent Journal Review.

So Scott Walker did not finish college and is not qualified to be president.

Let’s look at some as Sgt. Andy Micklin used to call them college boys that were president and look at their record.

Barack Obama the worst president ever, Jimmy Carter  the second worst president, Gerald Ford,Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson.

These the college boys that are/were president that their term in office that was less than stellar.


After former DNC Chair Howard Dean calls Scott Walker “unknowledgeable” and unqualified to be President of the United States for not having a college degree, the MSNBC panel reminds him of all the presidents who would have also been unqualified for office with those same standards.

Three stand out Presidents who never graduated college? George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman.

According to the Lumina Foundation over 60% of Americans haven’t graduated college. A match up of Hillary Clinton vs. Scott Walker would offer many contrasts, but an interesting wrinkle would be who could better connect with the majority of Americans without a degree.

Would you vote for a presidential candidate who didn’t finish college?