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This will piss lots of people off.


The lies just keep on piling up.  Largely because a drugged-out, giant black thug robbed a store and tried to murder a white police officer, losing his own life in the process instead, the full force of our modern black-supremacist government has descended on an already beleaguered police department in America’s heartland.

The gestapo agents of Eric Holder and Barack Obama have formally concocted an official, bogus narrative which is obviously designed to help Black Grievance Industry attorneys win huge civil settlements on behalf of Michael Brown’s family, seeing as they completely failed to turn their shameless race-hoax into a criminal case against officer Darren Wilson.

Fresh from their federal witch-hunt in Ferguson, the anti-white shakedown scam enforcers want you to believe the predominantly white police department there is exceptionally racist and corrupt because of a few emailed jokes, and because blacks are stopped, cited, and arrested in higher numbers, slightly disproportionate to their local representation, compared to whites.

What they purposely fail to include in their dishonest report is that according to Eric Holder’s own Justice Department/FBI statistics, minimally mentioned even on CNN, blacks are actually 8 times more likely to commit crime than whites.

So the real tale of the Ferguson police department, and of law enforcement all over the country, is that blacks are, in reality, stopped, cited, and arrested nowhere near as much as they really should be!

Yet of course the official lies continue, and apparently continue to be believed by gullible dupes comprising the majority of our society.  Lies, especially from the grievance-hustler-in-chief, Obama.

Obama spoke in Selma, Alabama, at the 50th anniversary observance of the 1965 civil rights protest march there this pastSunday.  He depicted our present-day society as one where blacks are often still oppressed by whites.

What a load of garbage.  Blacks pretty much do whatever the hell they want in all aspects of our society, with nothing remotely resembling the accountability and consequences faced by whites.

Author Colin Flaherty (not to be confused with the disgraced, pathetic racial opportunist Colin Powell) has thoroughly debunked lie-bertarian GOP senator Rand Paul’s pandering nonsense, and the lies of countless others, about how blacks are supposedly unfairly treated by our criminal justice system, in a brave and explosively well-researched article here.

While we’re on the topic of racial disparities and law enforcement, let’s take a look at just one nearby jurisdiction to Ferguson, the city of Pine Lawn, Missouri.

Showing, by comparison, also that Ferguson is being singled out because it has whites in key government positions, Kevin Jackson of reports on data analysis taken directly from the website of the Attorney General of the State of Missouri.

The municipal government of Pine Lawn has a black city council and mayor.  Both municipalities have black-majority populations.  In Ferguson, blacks are 63% of the population, yet 86% of all police traffic stops are of black motorists. In Pine Lawn, whites are a tiny 1.42% of residents, yet are represented in 27.5% of all traffic stops by police.  That’s a “Disparity Index” of a whopping 19.32 against whites in Pine Lawn, whereas blacks in Ferguson have a mere “Disparity Index” of only 1.37.  Pine Lawn’s D.I. against whites is 14 times that of Ferguson’s against blacks.  Furthermore, Ferguson’s D.I. against blacks is below the statewide average of 1.59.

There are countless other case studies and withering aggregate analysis which rebut the crap being shoveled by the Obama/Holder propagandists, but not enough space here to belabor the point.

What’s the point?  It’s that instead of falsely depicting modern-day blacks in America as frequent victims of white racism, we desperately need leadership which instead more accurately sounds the alarm to the masses of gullible, vulnerable innocents about blacks’ more likely propensity to be violent criminal predators.  When over half the violent crime including murder in our society is done by such a terroristic (less than 3%) minority — young black males — to deliberately (for a political agenda) mislead the country about such a life-and-death matter is no less than high treason.

Finally, we need a president which, instead of telling discouraging lies about race, encourages our society to recognize and appreciate that it is mainly whites who envisioned and created an advanced society so prosperous and inclusive that non-whites eagerly clamor to reach our shores — including a Kenyan communist who arrived in Hawaii (where the skies are not cloudy all day) in 1959, thanks to the generosity of our then-white president, and whose alleged bastard spawn, the current occupier of the Oval Office, opportunistically lies about the Selma of 1965 having supposedly inspired his own birth circumstances in 1961.

Someone has to tell the truth.