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This is the mentality that elected and reelected Obama.

Castrate Ivory before he pollutes the gene pool.


Support for Michael Brown, the Ferguson, Mo. teen who was killed in August, remains at fever pitch. It was demonstrated on Thursday when an interview with one of Browns admirers fell completely apart.


Fox News host Sean Hannity admonished Brown supporter Ivory Ned for not deploring the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson early that morning, even though he was a witness to that shooting.

“People shouldn’t be shooting cops, I don’t hear you saying that, why not?” Hannity asked.

“You look at the facts first,” Ned said, and then proceeded to give Hannity his version of the “facts,” which bore little resemblance to the Justice Department’s report.

Both a St. Louis county grand jury decision and a Department of Justice report exonerated the police officer who shot Brown. Hannity read a portion of the DOJ report to Ned, indicating the Ferguson officer was justified in shooting the teen.

“Why don’t you believe Eric Holder’s Justice Department?” Hannity asked.

“It sounds like your head is a one-way street,” Ned answered.

“You have to listen to the facts,” he kept repeating to Hannity.

“Did Michael Brown rob a store, Sir? He did,” Hannity asserted, which is where the interview began disintegrating.

“Did he [Brown] intimidate a clerk? He did. Did he charge a police officer? He did. Did he fight a cop for his gun? He did,” Hannity said, listing the facts in the Brown case, as Ned kept shouting “How do you know? How do you know?”

He knows because that’s what the grand jury and the Department of Justice concluded. Meanwhile there are two cops who were shot and seriously wounded less than 24 hours before the interview, an incident Ned witnessed but apparently has little compassion for.

Instead he continues to show blind loyalty to Brown — despite the evidence.

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