Painting of the death of President Abraham Lincoln, circa 1865. Photo by Fotosearch/Getty Images

On Good Friday, April 14,1865  President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth.

It was five days after Confederate General Robert E. Lee  surrenders to Union General Ulysses S. Grant on Palm Sunday, April 9,1865.

President and Mrs. Lincoln, accompanied by Major Henry Rathbone and his Clara Harris went to Ford’s Theater.

They were there to see the play was Our American Cousin staring Miss Laura Keene.

Sometime after 10 pm. John Wilkes Booth entered the Presidential box sneaking up behind President Lincoln at that time Booth cowardly shot President Lincoln in the back of his head.

The  .44 caliber ball entered President Lincoln’s head in the occipital bone on the left side, the ball travelled through President Lincol’s brain and lodged behind his right eye.

Major Henry Rathbone attempted to stop Booth’s escape, Booth drew a Bowie knife and cut Major Rathbone from his left elbow to the shoulder.

Major Rathbone managed to grab a Booth’s coat tail as he jumped out of the presidential box causing Booths spur to catch on the Treasury flag  that caused him to fall to the stage.

In the fall Booth broke his leg still brandishing his Bowie knife Booth shouted Sic Semper Tyrannis  Booth was in spite of the broken leg able to escape capture.

The unconsisus President Lincoln was carried across the street to the Peterson Boarding House. 

The bed President Lincoln was placed on being too short was placed diagonally on the bed where the death watch began.

Then at 7:22:10 AM President Abraham Lincoln died Secretary Of War Edwin M. Stanton, said “Now He Belongs To The Ages.”