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Bad Daddy Burger Barn most not mind losing money that firearms owners would spend there.

I guess Bad Daddy does not care about the possibility of dead customers due to his gun free zone.

As we all know gun free zones equal target rich zones.

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Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar Bans Lawful Guns photo mix by Liston Matthews

American society is slowly getting used to the idea that good people carry guns. Some, like the gentle sheepdog, go about their daily business, with no one the wiser. But if trouble arises, they are willing to jump in, bare the fangs, and stand against the predators of society, as reported by the Crime Prevention Research Center.

Still others, more akin to the porcupine will use their defensive weapons to defend their own lives, and those of their immediate loved ones. Mind you, there is not a clear, distinct line between these two. If Mr. Pork U. Pine sees a child being victimized, he may quickly morph into Mr. Sheep Dog, unsheathing his hidden fangs against the predator.

In Tennessee as in many other ‘free’ states, not only are people getting used to the aforementioned idea, more and more are carrying (no permit required) in their vehicles, and about half a million Tennesseans have opted to get training, background checked, and get a carry permit.

But some elected employees, their bureaucratic minions, and some business owners still seemingly are incapable of discernment relative to armed citizens. This column has reported extensively on the struggle between legally armed citizens and the Town of Farragut. A number of businesses, also, have been reported on in this column.

And there are still other holdouts – Today, in search of a new eating experience, we decided to stop into Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, but were turned away by the sign at the door. A phone call from the parking lot resulted in a conversation with a manager. He advised that they have multiple locations (Denver, CO, Knoxville, TN, Charlotte, NC, Triangle, NC, Greenville, SC, Winston-Salem, NC), and they do not welcome lawfully armed individuals.

Permit holders are advised to honor their wishes and stay away. Advise your unarmed friends, too, that so-called gun-free zonestoo often become predator-empowerment-zones.