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This case is the Duke Lacrosse Team Rape Case on Steroids.

It will come back to bite State Attorney Marilyn Mosby is the ass. 


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State Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced the charges last Friday.

Harvard University law professor and famed legal commentator Alan Dershowitz says that the charges against six Baltimore police officers who were involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray won’t result in convictions and were mostly motivated by “crowd control.”

Saying that prosecutors have “overplayed their hand,” Dershowitz added there was no “plausible, hypothetical, conceivable case for murder” in the Freddie Gray case.

“(Today’s charges) had nothing to do with justice,” Dershowitz said in an interview. “Today was crowd control. Everything was motivated by a threat of riots and a desire to prevent riots.”


The six police officers — three African-American, three caucasian — were charged with a variety of crimes in Gray’s death, including “depraved heart murder,” involuntary manslaughter, manslaughter by vehicle, and misconduct in office.

State Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced the charges last Friday.

“There’s no plausible, hypothetical, conceivable case for murder under the facts that we now know them,” Dershowitz said. “You might say that conceivably there’s a case for manslaughter. Nobody wanted this guy to die, nobody set out to kill him, and nobody intentionally murdered him.

“The worst-case scenario is a case for involuntary manslaughter or some kind of reckless disregard, but the idea of without further investigation coming down with murder indictments … This is a show trial,” he added. “This is designed to please the crowd. It’s designed to lower the temperature.”

Dershowitz also said that Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake had unfairly prejudiced the public against the officers by her remarks after the charges were filed.

“The mayor outrageously said we’re going to get justice for the victim, the family and people of Baltimore, never mentioning the defendants. Under our Constitution, the only people who are entitled to justice are the defendants,” Dershowitz said.

“They are presumed innocent, they need due process of law, and the mayor and the state attorney have made it virtually impossible for these defendants to get a fair trial. They have been presumed guilty.”

Dershowitz said this attitude didn’t meet the criteria for justice in this country. “It may have been the criteria in Rome, for Fidel Castro, in Iran, and in other countries, but in our country you don’t base indictments on what impact it’s going to have on the crowd,” he said.

Even with that, Dershowitz said it would be hard for prosecutors to obtain a conviction.

“They’ve (the prosecutors) overplayed their hand, it’s unlikely they’ll get any convictions in this case as a result of this, and if they do, there’s a good possibility it’ll be reversed on appeal and will just postpone the riots for months ahead.”

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