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These Quislings will pay the price for their back stabbing lies and traitorous ways.

After they serve their master needs, they will be attacked as extremist gun nuts.


Democrat-supporting “Republican” gun owner Kemp stumps for more Bloomberg-financed “gun control.” Everytown for Gun Safety

“A responsible gun owner on why he supports common-sense gun laws,” Everytown for Gun Safety tells its Facebook followers, presenting a poster featuring Paul Kemp of Portland, Ore. Kemp warns against private sales being “a loophole,” and says “that’s a threat to me and law abiding gun owners everywhere.”

“I’m a registered Republican and a gun owner,” Kemp told the media after his brother-in-law was killed with a stolen gun in a“gun-free” mall. “But I secure my weapons, and I’m not going to give them up.”

He may not be willing to give his up, but he’s perfectly willing to throw standard capacity magazine owners under the bus. As for being a “Republican,” Kemp nonetheless supported Michael Bloomberg’s effort to reelect an anti-gun Democrat for governor (John Kitzhaber resigned in February following state and federal investigations into criminal allegations).

Per his Facebook page and Twitter feed, Kemp is not only for the background check/registration fraud and magazine bans,but he’s also against open carry of long guns, he enthusiastically spreads Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (formerly the National Coalition to Ban Handguns) propaganda, and he’s a fan of Mark and Gabby…

We’ve seen the antis do this before. We saw “Average Joe” presented as a Bloombergian poster boy for guns on the farm. We saw present its version of a “proud defender of the Second Amendment.”

In addition to gun owners for infringements, we’ve also seen two other developments: Phony “third way” gun groups and gun dealers for “gun control.” And now we have a gun club owner and dealer helping impose criminal penalties for noncompliance with anti-gun edicts on his patrons.

At a time when grassroots gun rights activists are fighting the Bloomberg AstroTurf money machine, at a time when it bought a measure in Washington State and is buying one in Nevada, and is trying to pass a bill in Oregon, Joe Deaser, owner of the Capital Gun Club, a member’s only facility that offers a “sophisticated [and] elite shooting experience,” comes down squarely on the side of the gun-grabbers. Deaser thinks California-style infringements extended nationwide would be a capital idea, and that fears of a registry are “unfounded,” in spite of states doing it, and in spite of the National Institute of Justice confirming the “effectiveness [of universal background checks] depends on … requiring gun registration,”

“Federal law” Deaser says, “bans the creation of such a registry.” Not only is the prohibition subject to being rescinded and changed, but no less a source than Chris Calabrese, legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, said “the language of proposed federal legislation left a door open for a new kind of record of sales between private sellers — as opposed to sales by federally licensed gun dealers — a record that may not be subject to the registry ban.”

Instead, Deaser dismisses “the extreme fringe” who raise these concerns as ‘ridiculous” [and] “just paranoid” as he makes a point of traveling to Oregon to call for prior restraint infringements in front of Floyd Prozanski’s Judiciary Committee. If people who point out the obvious are so disparaged, what must he think of those who flat out will not comply?

Two things are certain: Violent criminals, who are protected by law from gun registration requirements, won’t be slowed down one bit by what Kemp and Deaser are endorsing. And the enemies of gun rights, who are more than happy to accept their aid and comfort, will be using whatever turf is ceded to launch their next assault.

Actually, make that three things: Today’s gun owners hailed as “responsible” by the antis will be tomorrow’s “uncompromising extremists” when their usefulness is over and they stand in the way of the next phase in an unrelenting war on guns.