This is from Independent Journal Review.

This young man is lucky his patches were the only thing ripped off it could have been his head.

A young man dressed in military fatigues got more than he bargained for when he asked a disabled veteran for a cigarette.

The vet immediately began asking the young man questions that revealed he’d enlisted the day before, but was wearing his older brother’s uniform.

That did not sit well with the veteran, who proceeded to rip a patch off the sleeve. He gave it to the young man and told him to put it in the pocket.

“You’re disrespecting the uniform that I wore; that I’ve lost friends in.”

Viewers of the video on Reddit had a lot to say about it. Many could understand the veteran’s anger:

Squirt_Is_Delicious: I am not in the military, but I can see how he could become angry quickly if you had friends die and were disabled yourself while wearing that same uniform… It is more of a status symbol than clothing. I can’t just go throw on a cop’s uniform and walk around town like it ain’t no thang.

However, some made this observation about the young man:

bmarley1: It’s obvious something is wrong with the kid, so why humiliate him? Jeez…smh.

Stars and Stripes writes of ‘stolen valor’:

Federal law – the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 – already prohibits misrepresentation as a current or former service member and recipient of decorations or medals such as the Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Purple Heart, or combat badge “with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit.”

The act, which also imposes fines and prison of six months to a year, doesn’t make lying about service a crime, and instead focuses on profiting from misrepresentation. An earlier version of the law was rejected by the Supreme Court as an infringement on free speech.