This is from Clash Daily.

Obama will never be outraged over the death of  NYPD Police Officer Brian Moore, because Brain Moore is white.  


 The overwhelming anguish being felt all along the Thin Blue Line of law enforcement is nearly immeasurable with the recent murder of slain 25-year-old NYPD cop Brian Moore. Yet, the calls for justice for the slain police officer have never been uttered for him or in large measure for the countless others who defended the innocent and lost their lives in doing so.

According to the NY Daily News, NYPD Officer Brian Moore’s suspected killer, 35-year-old Demitrius Blackwell, is charged with the shooting of Moore. He shot the police officer in the face which resulted in the death of Moore days later. But only the sound of crickets can be heard from President Obama, who is quick to respond to all imagined wrongs that have been enacted by police officers against poor defenseless individuals like Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri.

The very fact that Obama has decided to place a verbal target on the back of law enforcement in urban areas of America is more than obvious. In fact, those actions by the president and his former Justice Department Attorney General Eric Holder to convict police officers like Darren Wilson of Ferguson in the media first, before any evidence was even collected, was and is morally outrageous.

Having worked with police officers, and having law enforcement in my family, has given me, like many others, a unique perch to observe the true emotion and passion for justice police have. They fully embrace the oath to protect and serve literally and in far too many instances they are injured or die in the line of duty as a result.

The fact that Al Sharpton and all of the others who are bred from the same morally corrupt sinkhole continue to blame the majority of police for the actions of a microscopic few is dangerous. Why not spend time with the police officers in the community that each detractor lives in and ride along with them as they do their job?

Wouldn’t it be better for them to have a true perspective of what life is like when your life is actually on the line instead of fictionalizing what police conduct is largely like? Would it not make more sense for Sharpton to go to Chicago and actually stay there for a month and experience the horrendous anguish and pain that a mother or a family experiences when the so-called innocent thugs – yes, thugs — attack and murder innocent loved ones? Perhaps his view which is spurred by leeching off of lies and fictions would be changed to compassion and understanding and action to end the carnage. Don’t bet on it happening.

Yet for the family of NYPD Officer Brian Moore, the words of compassion and understanding which will never be uttered for this fallen hero by an insensitive Obama or a race-baiting Al Sharpton are of no true importance. In reality if they had mentioned the murdered officer, it would be framed in some way to pin a medal on the alleged murderer Blackwell for growing up black and risking his life in taking the life of one of New York’s finest.