This is from Mad World News.

It was the hand of God that lead Raul Marin Ceja to find this precious baby.



A man was on his way to work when he spotted a blanket in the bushes that didn’t seem right, so he checked it out and made a mortifying find inside of it.

According to Right This Minute, Mexican citizen Raul Marin Ceja saw the blanket in the bushes on his normal route to work and became curious, so he turned his phone on to record as he peeked inside. Come to find out, within it was a tiny baby girl that someone had abandoned and left for dead.

Trying to do the right thing, Ceja scooped the baby up and immediately brought her to get medical attention. She’s said to be doing fine after he saved her, and now the man is working to adopt the little treasure he discovered after believing she was a gift to him from God.


Fortunately, it appears as if Ceja has the full support of his family to adopt the little girl, so hopefully he’s able to do so with relative ease.

I couldn’t ever imagine what would possess someone to leave an innocent and helpless baby for dead rather than bringing her somewhere where she would at least have a fighting chance. Thankfully, Ceja happened to be curious when he saw the blanket, otherwise the story likely would have ended much differently.